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P&S Journal: Winter 1995, Vol.15, No.1
The Renaissance Reshaping Cancer at CPMC
New Facilities

In addition to her other responsibilities, Dr. Antman oversees construction of the new outpatient cancer center on three and a half floors of the Atchley Pavilion. Money from the $2 million raised at the 1994 Presbyterian Hospital gala, the first gala to raise funds for a disease rather than a department, will go to the center.
"The outpatient center will integrate the diagnosis and treatment of specific cancers in coordinated multimodality programs," says Dr. Antman. "Surgeons and radiation and medical oncologists are now caring for patients separately in different places in the hospital."
As currently envisioned, for example, breast cancer mammography and outpatient treatment suites of surgeons and medical oncologists will be located on the ninth floor. Urology is planned for half the sixth floor and pediatric oncology will occupy the seventh floor. The eighth floor will group gastrointestinal and thoracic cancer and leukemia/lymphomas.
Elsewhere, radiation oncology facilities were expanded and renovated to be a self-contained, 16,000-square-foot, two-story facility. The department has three megavoltage state-of-the-art treatment machines.
In December 1993, about 22,000 square feet of new cancer laboratory space opened in the Hammer Health Sciences building and in the Black Building to expand CPCC's capability for basic, clinical, and translational research. CPMC also is expanding a bone marrow transplantation unit in the Milstein building.

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