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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Winter 1995, Vol.15, No.1
The Renaissance Reshaping Cancer at CPMC
Division of Cancer Causation and Prevention

The division of causation and prevention, headed by Dr. Frederica Perera, associate professor of public health, consists of two subdivisions (carcinogenesis under Dr. Regina Santella, associate professor of public health, and molecular epidemiology, also directed by Dr. Perera) and a working group on cancer prevention, headed by Dr. Neugut.
"The subdivisions and groups are closely linked," says Dr. Perera. "We are developing tools, called biomarkers, that reflect mechanisms involved in carcinogenesis and might enable us to identify individuals at greatest risk of cancer. We are validating them in 'healthy' populations exposed to carcinogens, in persons with cancer and matched controls, and in prospective studies where we analyze the ability of biomarkers to predict cancer years or decades before diagnosis."
The working group plans to expand outreach to the community with programs in cancer screening, detection, and prevention, including cancer control programs in underserved minority populations.

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