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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Fall 1994, Vol.14, No.3
Alumni Weekend
Parents Day Program

Dean Herbert Pardes described P&S in a nutshell for proud visiting parents of medical students at the second annual Parents Day Program: "Class A students taught by Class A educators in Class A facilities with Class A technology!"
The location of the Saturday program-the state-of-the-art Student Learning Center-provided a stunning illustration of Dr. Pardes' point. The program was coordinated by alumni affairs director Katherine Couchells and Student-Alumni Relations Committee co-chair Carmen Ortiz-Neu'63.
Pat Molholt, associate dean for scholarly resources, reviewed new technologies and their effect on the nature and shape of the curriculum. Dr. Herbert Chase, associate professor of clinical medicine and course director for a newly created interdisciplinary class, Science Basic to the Practice of Medicine, delivered a talk titled "Surviving the Information Glut."
Other faculty and staff who offered parents illuminating and often witty insights into what it means to study medicine today were Dr. Constance Park, associate clinical professor of medicine and course director of Clinical Practice; Glenda Garvey'69, professor of clinical medicine and course director of the third-year medical clerkship; Dr. Dickson Despommier, professor of microbiology and of public health and course director for Parasitic Diseases; Dr. Charles S. Hamish Young, associate professor of microbiology and course director for Microbiology; Carmen Ortiz-Neu'63, associate clinical professor of medicine and co-director of the third-year primary care clerkship; Dr. Linda Lewis, clinical professor of neurology and associate dean of students; and Ellen Spilker, director of student financial planning.
Students who rounded out the program with lively accounts of medical school life were Karen Moody'95, Jeff Rueda'94, Robert Nordgren'96, Susie Robb'96, Kathie Ramsay'95, Sanjeev Bhalla'94, Lisa Furmanski'96, and Alistair B.M. Phillips'94.

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