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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Fall 1994, Vol.14, No.3
Alumni Weekend
Alumni Day Scientific Session

From new trends in microinvasive surgery to outer space journeys, the Saturday Alumni Scientific Session covered a wide span of topics.
The program was as follows:
Welcome-Abbie I. Knowlton'42, president of the P&S Alumni Association
Presiding-Andrew G. Frantz'55, chairman of the Alumni Reunion Coordinating Committee
Honorary Alumni Day Chairman-Raffaele Lattes'46 Med. Sc.D., P&S professor emeritus of surgical pathology
"The Trend Toward Microinvasive Surgery-Oculoplastic & Orbital Surgical Perspective"-Michael Kazim'84, P&S assistant professor of clinical ophthalmology and surgery
"Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt (TIPS) for the Control of Variceal Hemorrhage in Portal Hypertension"-Norman G. Diamond'74, attending radiologist at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas
"Multimodality Imaging for Functional Localization in Patients with Epilepsy"-William H. Theodore'74, associate professor of neurology at Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Washington, D.C., and senior investigator in the Medical Neurology Branch of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
"Primary Hyperparathyroidism in the 1990s"-John P. Bilezikian'69, P&S professor of medicine and of pharmacology
"The Role of Growth Factors in Wound Healing"-John W. Harmon'69, professor of surgery at Georgetown University and Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Washington, D.C.
"Complex Reconstructions in Total Knee Replacement"-Thomas P. Sculco'69, professor of clinical surgery (orthopaedics) at Cornell Medical College and director of orthopaedic surgery at the Hospital for Special Surgery
"The Hubble Repair Mission: Physiological and Psychological Aspects of Space Walks"-Story Musgrave'64, NASA astronaut, Payload Commander on STS-61, The Hubble Space Telescope Repair Mission, Houston
"Variation in Group A Streptococci and the Prevalence of Rheumatic Fever: A Half-Century Vigil"-Gene H. Stollerman'44, professor of medicine and public health at Boston University School of Medicine

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