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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Fall 1994, Vol.14, No.3
Alumni Weekend
An Overview for P&S Alumni

A taste of things to come, the Thursday session, "P&S Perspectives for the Future: An Overview for All P&S Alumni," introduced the weekend reunion festivities.
The highlight of the morning program was the "State of the School" address, in which Dean Herbert Pardes enumerated recent developments on the health sciences campus.
Dr. Pardes announced the formal ceremony scheduled for the next day to note construction of the new Psychiatric Institute building, scheduled for completion in 1997. The new facility on the west side of Riverside Drive will include space for psychiatric, brain, and genome research. He also reported the recent "topping out" ceremony to mark completion of the skeletal support structure of the first building of the Audubon research park. On the technical front, the new PET scan center is now operational, and he noted the anticipated installation of a super magnet that would give P&S the most powerful MRI in the world.
The dean reported on such recent scientific advances as the discovery of the Huntington's gene (a collaborative effort led by Nancy Wexler) and the gene for Wilson's disease (by Conrad Gilliam) and announced the recruitment of new chairmen in otolaryngology and dermatology.
Despite all the good news, however, he warned that in the current ferment of health care reform, academic medical centers "are in a time of grave institutional challenge" and he urged the continuing support of alumni and friends.
Drs. Andrew Frantz'55, chairman of the committee on admissions, and Linda Lewis, associate dean of student affairs, reported respectively on the record number of applicants and the outstanding record of the residency match program of the graduating class. Ronald Drusin'66, associate dean for curricular affairs, and John Bilezikian'69, director of the Housestaff Training Program, outlined recent changes in medical and postgraduate education. Karen Antman'74, chief of medical oncology, and Dr. Isidore Edelman, director of the genome project, shared the excitement of their work. Three students also participated. Stuart Abramson'94 spoke of the student-run P&S Medical Review, which he co-founded. Anne Covey'94 communicated the excitement of her Human Rights Externship experience in Thailand. Susan Bukata'95 discussed P&S Club activities.
The luncheon speaker, Dr. Michael Crow, Columbia University vice provost and professor of science policy, delivered a status report on the expanding and complex partnership between the Medical Center and the university and industry. Given the rapidly changing economic climate and shrinking federal funding, he posed and addressed the question: "What is the proper role for an academic scientific institute in our society?"
Student members of the P&S Musicians Guild performed at luncheons on Thursday and Friday.
After lunch, alumni regional representatives from around the country discussed and evaluated past and future activities.

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