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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Fall 1994, Vol.14, No.3
Apgar Remembrances
Ira W. Gabrielson'49

Williamsburg, Massachusetts

I may be in the unique position of having known Virginia Apgar both as an inspiring teacher and as a fellow student.
As a member of the Class of 1949, I was introduced to anesthesiology by Dr. Apgar. We were all totally absorbed one afternoon as she induced a patient several times with a short-acting IV barbiturate. He drifted back to consciousness and she asked him how he felt. "Fine, but you'll never be my barkeeper," he responded before being wheeled off to the OR. Still a vivid memory and an instructive case after 48 years.
When I matriculated as an M.P.H. candidate (and instructor) at Johns Hopkins in 1957, I was happy to find Dr. Apgar as a classmate. Happy, but a little in awe of someone I thought of as a P&S professor, chairperson, and scale maker, "somewhat higher on the food chain."
Ginny was as wonderful a fellow student as she had been a teacher: perceptive, dynamic, and always ready to help. We visited her rooms and discovered that she actually built violins and violas on which she played scales older than her own! Awe is the word that keeps coming to mind, but Ginny was far too friendly a person for awe.

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