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P&S Journal: Spring 1994, Vol.14, No.2
P & S News
CP/Eastside Moves and Expands

The relocation of CP/Eastside more than doubles the space for the comprehensive faculty private practice group that covers 20 specialty areas and services. CP/Eastside opened more than a decade ago on East 61st Street in midtown Manhattan, with additional facilities on Madison Avenue. The group relocated around the corner to 16 E. 60th St. earlier this year.
"Ten years ago, when the facility opened, it was anticipated that the Eastside site would provide quality care for 25,000 to 35,000 patients a year. Remarkably, the practice has grown to such an extent that it has been averaging nearly 100,000 patient visits annually for the past few years, and it is still growing," says Dr. Philip Alderson, the James Picker Professor and Chairman of Radiology and chairman of the Eastside Doctors Practice Committee. Patients come from New York City, Westchester, Connecticut, and foreign countries, Dr. Alderson says.
The facility, which takes up 93,000 square feet on four floors, combines all medical specialties under one roof and offers several new services in ophthalmology, pediatrics, women's health (see P&S, Winter 1994), corporate health, magnetic resonance imaging, and radiation oncology and chemotherapy.
Physicians and staff at CP/Eastside have access to the CPMC computer network for lab results, reports, and other medical and research data.
More information may be requested from Eileen Kellner, administrative manager, (212)326-8460. Tours may be arranged through Ms. Kellner's office.

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