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P&S Journal: Spring 1994, Vol.14, No.2
P & S News
Clinical Trials Increase

The CPMC Office of Clinical Trials has achieved a 500 percent net gain in the number of signed contracts for clinical trials since its creation in 1992.
In the year before its creation as a joint project of P&S and Presbyterian Hospital, 32 contracts representing $3.6 million were processed. In its first 16 months, the office completed 150 new agreements that reflect more than $15 million in additional funding.
"By creating an efficient organization and improving our working relationship with the IRB and the general counsel's office, we've been able to turn contracts around quickly," says Michael I. Leahey, director of clinical trials. "Once we've settled into our new space, we will be developing projects such as computer-based systems for data collection and services to improve patient enrollment in research studies. We believe these efforts will increase revenue even more."
Mr. Leahey plans to continue the successful campaign to make presentations to industry. Working with the development office, he arranges presentations hosted by the vice president for the health sciences and the president of Presbyterian Hospital that appeal to top-level representatives at leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, such as Merck & Co., Wyeth-Ayerst, Sandoz, and Eli Lilly.
"These sessions have been instrumental in reinforcing relationships which in turn lead to greater clinical research activity."

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