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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Spring 1994, Vol.14, No.2
Health Care Reform: Responses and Proposed Alternatives
'I Hope That Wiser Minds Prevail'

I am deeply disturbed by the Clinton health care proposals. When the guidelines were published, I thought that the deficiencies of our present system could be resolved. Problems such as the uninsured or the difficulty of insuring a pre-existing condition have long troubled all of us and they must be remedied. By legally requiring that all patients must purchase insurance through health alliances, the Clinton plan will create a nation of health consumers. The physician will be transformed from a professional into a health merchandiser. Patient advocacy will be replaced by market forces whose defining principle will be cost cutting. Allowing one group or plan to undercut another will compromise the ability to maintain higher standards. There will be a downward bidding spiral that will allow only the more exigent needs to be met. This is the long term implication of the Clinton plan that isn't fully appreciated. When the final laws are written, I hope that wiser minds prevail.
Richard Kachel'71

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