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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Spring 1994, Vol.14, No.2
Students Find Learning Beyond the Classroom
Community-Based Outreach

Volunteer opportunities for medical students also are created by the community relations mission within the Office of External Relations. Ivy Fairchild, director of public affairs, coordinates a variety of community-based outreach programs, ranging from health fairs and blood drives to a new program, Women in Neighborhood Sports, that offers athletic coaching for girls ages 6 to 21.
Students currently are participating in coaches training, and in late spring first-year medical students will assist in weekly CPR and first aid workshops for parents in preparation for the first athletic event in the new sports league.
"We wouldn't be able to achieve nearly as much without the help of university student volunteers." Another prominent effort is the mentoring program. "This is a state program, created by Matilda Cuomo, that involves student volunteers in school-based health clinics," explains Ms. Fairchild. "As they gain more experience, students move into more challenging settings and do more highly skilled tasks. In this way, everyone benefits from the experience."

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