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P&S Journal

P&S Journal: Spring 1994, Vol.14, No.2
Students Find Learning Beyond the Classroom
Adolescent Clinics

In the Adolescent Reproductive Health Clinics (Young Men's Clinic and Young Adult Clinic), medical students serve as liaisons between the staff and the patients. They provide emotional support in a crowded and busy setting. Students interview patients to gather medical and sexual histories, assist in TB testing and tracking, and help teens develop decision-making skills as they counsel them on sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, and contraceptive methods, says Dr. Armstrong. One student approached this elective with individual flair. Jane Cleary'97 was reminded of the feeling one gets while sitting in a waiting room-the sounds, the smell, the tension wrought with anticipation, and only a few dog-eared magazines for company. To ease the waiting, she volunteered to lead discussion groups with teen-agers attending the Young Adult Clinic. She is collecting entertainment videotapes for the clinic to send a message to the teens that "we know you're there and we respect your needs." Maybe the wait will pass a little more pleasantly and with less angst.

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