Sponsored Projects

The Pediatrics Research Administration team provides support with all phases of a sponsored project lifecycle, from proposal submission to award close out, working closely with Columbia’s Sponsored Projects Administration and Sponsored Projects Finance.
Sponsored projects include research, instruction and training, public service, fellowships and other scholarly and creative activities conducted under the direction of Columbia faculty and staff and funded by an outside source. Funding for sponsored projects is provided to the University through a variety of funding instruments, described below:

  • Grants: A sponsor awards a grant to support research or other activities described by a Principal Investigator (PI) in a proposal submitted often, but not always, in response to a solicitation (frequently called Requests for Application – RFAs or Program Announcements – PAs). Ordinarily, grants do not include commitments to provide specific products or deliverables, beyond reports detailing the progress or outcome of the work. Grants may support research or other activities including conferences, symposiums, training, program activities, maintaining a collection of scientific specimens, etc.
  • Cooperative agreements: Assistance agreements which typically involve a significant level of sponsor participation in the administration of the project. PIs can expect that there will be ongoing and regular communication with the sponsor’s programmatic personnel often including regular meetings and site visits.
  • Contracts: Issued by sponsors to procure one or more specific deliverables. They are usually issued in response to detailed requests from sponsors (Requests for Proposals - RFPs) that require that the PI undertake a specific course of action and provide data, analysis, devices or other specified deliverables within a set time frame. Payment is dependent on the satisfactory completion of these activities within the timeline detailed in the terms of the contract.

Sponsored Projects vs. Gifts

  • Sponsored Projects (processed though Sponsored Projects Administration)
    • contract/research agreement
    • specific statement of work
    • detailed budget
    • specific deliverables
    • specified period of performance
    • reporting
    • unexpended funds must be returned to sponsor
  • Gifts (processed through the CUMC Development Office)
    • may be for specific purpose, but…
    • no contractual requirements
    • no specified period of performance
    • no specified deliverables

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