Award Set up

After receipt of Notice of Award, our team will work with SPA to set up a project account.

The procedure is outlined below:

  • Notice of Award (NOA) is received
  • The Pediatrics Research team sends the budget to SPA and confirms all investigators have completed FCOI training
  • SPA obtains FCOI clearance and sets up the account.
  • The Pediatrics pre-award team will send all relevant information to PI, DA, and post award team
  • The Post award team allocates salaries to the project account
  • If your project involves subawards, the pre-award team will work with SPA to set up the subawards and issue subaward agreements to the subrecipients.
  • If you are awarded a grant from a non-federal sponsor, the terms of the agreement will be reviewed by the SPA legal team and the agreement will be signed though SPA.
  • Please note that Principal Investigators, Division Administrators and/or Coordinators are not authorized signatories and cannot sign or accept agreements on behalf of the University.