Neonatal Comfort Care Program


At Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of NY-Presbyterian/Columbia University the Neonatal Comfort Care Program proposes a multidisciplinary plan of care addressing the unique and complex needs of babies diagnosed with life-limiting conditions or who are terminally ill and supports their families.


Prenatal counseling
The multidisciplinary team offers counseling of couples expecting an infant potentially affected by a life-limiting condition, in collaboration with the Center of Prenatal Pediatrics. A plan of Comfort Care is proposed when appropriate.

Birthing plan
The neonatologist coordinates with the obstetrician and the multidisciplinary team the delivery plan and the postnatal care of the infant. The focus of compassionate care is to provide the most comfortable and loving environment to an infant whose life is presumably very short.

Postnatal medical/nursing plan
Neonatal Comfort Care management is defined as an individualized medical and nursing plan of care focused on promoting patient’s comfort.

Neonatal Comfort Care management is offered to infants diagnosed before or after delivery with life-limiting disorders and to those babies who become terminally ill.

Essential points in the infant’s management are providing bonding, warmth, hydration and pain control. According to the length of life of the infant and the family’s desire, different options are presented and include: rooming in with parents and family members and discharge home with hospice care support, or admission to the NICU for compassionate care, or transfer to a pediatric hospice facility.

Comfort Care Multidisciplinary Team

The team includes obstetricians and neonatologists, delivery room, post-partum and NICU nurses, social workers, Child Life staff and chaplaincy.


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