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Our physicians and health care professionals provide you and your child with the most advanced diagnoses and treatment options available, for a wide range of endocrine conditions:

  1. disorders of growth and pubertal development
  2. obesity, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes
  3. neuroendocrine dysfunction
  4. metabolic bone disease and abnormalities of body composition
  5. adrenal disorders
  6. problems related to pediatric cancer and its treatment
  7. problems related to endocrine disruptors

If you suspect your child has diabetes or as already been diagnosed with the condition, you may benefit from the specialized care available through the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center, which focuses on prevention and treatment of diabetes. The center offers home and school visits, an insulin pump program, and educational programs for children, families and caregivers.
We understand that endocrine disorders can cause significant medical problems during childhood and adolescence that may have lifelong health and psychological consequences. This is why we offer our services in a child-friendly environment and aim to thoroughly educate children and their families, from initial consultation and diagnosis, all the way through treatment and outpatient services.