Small Group Events

Rising Researcher Group

The Rising Researcher group meets for lunch with the Chair twice a year. The next lunch will be scheduled for December/January. Rising Researchers are those on the investigator or tenure track who have not yet received an R01 or equivalent. Please email Caitlin Gamble at to receive meeting invitations.

Junior Investigator Meeting

Junior Investigator Meetings are generally held the second Thursday of every month from 4:00-5:30. To receive meeting invitations, please email Patricia Feeney at

CV Faculty Development Committee

The CV Faculty Development Committee is led by Drs. Saiman and Rosenthal and has one faculty member from each division (with the exception of very small divisions). The committee provides feedback on the CV and personal statement of a faculty member planning for promotion. The committee also works to build capacity so that committee members can aid others in their division in regards to the annotated CV. The committee meets about four times a year.