A Note from Alan Ross M.D.

My global health activities have been centered on Eastern Europe, principally Eastern Bosnia, Serbia and Kosova. In Kosova we vaccinated children who refused vaccines from Serbian doctors; restarted a TB center, created a clinic for children, built a hospital for Albanian and Serbian doctors, designed laboratories which Albanians and Serbs shared, took care of refugees along the Kosova-Macedonian border, reorganized the pediatrics floor in the main hospital of Prizren and organized a year long course in Pediatric Emergency Medicine for doctors studying emergency medicine in Pristina. We now work in Montenegro in a small town in the South and have been asked to help to train doctors in emergency medicine by the Montenegrin government. In Russia we are working in the Women's Holding Prison of St. Petersburg and hope to collaborate with the School of Public Health in Petersburg to develop a prison medicine program. Contact Dr. Alan Ross for more information.