Watch Dr. Richard Deckelbaum Discuss the Global Health Initiative in Burundi

Burundi Under the leadership of Richard Deckelbaum, MD, Village Health Works in Burundi has served more than 28,000 children by providing nutrition and counseling for this impoverished land. Opportunities for volunteers exist in Burundi and in New York City. For information please contact Village Health Works at http://villagehealthworks.org.

Dr. Deckelbaum serves as a co-investigator on a grant from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation project that is studying “the Effect of Food Aid on Outcomes of HIV-Infected Patients Initiating Antiretroviral Therapy and multiple Micronutrients in Kenya.” Opportunities exist for on-site research and data collection.

In collaboration with the Danone Institute of Japan a 4 country RISK study is examining childhood risk factors for life-style related diseases by providing expertise in the field of nutrition to underscore the scientific basis for prevention of cardiovascular disease. A similar project in conjunction with the Palestinian School Health and Nutrition School Lunch Program under the auspices of the Juzoor Foundation for Health and Social Development is ongoing in the West Bank. Opportunities exist for pre and postdoctoral research participation through the Institute of Human Nutrition.

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