Transportation Options

The subway unlimited pass is the way most residents travel. The approximate riding times vary based on time of day traveling, neighborhood and apartment proximity to a subway stop. From Tribeca, 35 minutes on the subway when it is express (after 6:30). From Midtown West, the commute is 25 minutes before 6:30am and 20 minutes on the express. From UWS, 10-15 minutes on the subway, and 0-10 minutes to walk to the station depending where you live. From Riverdale, it takes 5-10 minutes to walk to the subway and a 10-12 minute subway ride. From the West Village, it takes 30 minutes if express and 40 minutes if local trains are running. If living in the Upper East Side or really the East Side in general, most people drive, which only takes 15 or minutes or less depending on traffic. And of course when you're running late, there are always taxis! Depending where you live, the fares can range from $5-$30.