Curriculum and Schedule

 residents dressed like Bert and Ernie

Our curriculum is designed to provide the trainee with an exceptional foundation in pediatrics and permit the interested resident to pursue diverse and enriching experiences in research, advocacy, community pediatrics, or global health. Our trainees are well prepared to enter practice or to undertake further postgraduate training.

Curriculum by Year


General Pediatrics (Ward Based) 4 Blocks
Well-Baby Nursery 1 Block
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 1 Block
Ambulatory Pediatrics 1 Block
Cardiology 1 Block
Adolescent Medicine 1 Block
Emergency Room 1.5 Blocks
Oncology 1 Block
Elective 2 weeks
Vacation 1 Block


Inpatient Pediatrics (Ward Senior)
Overnight Second Senior
1 Block
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 2-2.5 Blocks
Ambulatory/Community Pediatrics 1 Block
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit 1 Block
Neurology 1 Block
Development 1 Block
Elective 3 Blocks
Emergency Room 1.5-2 Blocks
Vacation 1 Block


General Inpatient Wards 1-2 Blocks
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit 1.5 Blocks
Ambulatory Pediatrics 1 Block
Elective 4.5 Blocks
Emergency Room 3 Blocks
Teaching Senior/Admitting Resident 0-1 Block
Vacation 1 Block