Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases

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Infectious Disease
Alice Prince, MD
(212) 305-4193
Lubna Shamsi, MPH
(212) 305-5831
(212) 342-5278

The members of the Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases are involved in patient care, hospital epidemiology, basic science, and clinical research activities, clinical trials, and teaching. The division has diverse research interests and collaborates widely with other investigators at Columbia, as well as at other institutions. 

Members of the faculty all participate in the teaching of students from various disciplines at different stages in their education, including undergraduates, MD, and PhD candidates and post-doctoral fellows. Students come not only from the College of Physician & Surgeons, but also from the Mailman School of Public Health, the School of Nursing, and visiting students from other universities around the world.

Teaching responsibilities include didactic lectures, small group sessions and seminars, as well as rounding on the consultative service at the ColumbiaDoctors Children’s Health and its affiliates.

The division's research activities reflect the broad scope of infectious diseases and range from global and local epidemiologic studies, analysis of microbial communities and evolution, bacterial and viral pathogenesis, vaccine development, testing and safety issues, as well as clinical trials. Many of our trainees develop expertise in one or more of these areas, as well as becoming sought after clinicians with substantial experience in the diagnosis and management of infectious diseases of children and their complications.

The division greatly benefits from its position amidst an outstanding research institution and has access to shared core facilities at the Health Sciences campus, at the Morningside Heights campus, and the local expertise to obtain and analyze data.

The specific research interests of individual faculty members, their grant support, and publications can be accessed here and here.