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Pediatric Rehabilitation: Early Intervention Leads to Best Outcomes

The brain is intimately connected to every other part of the body, and when the brain is injured, organ systems including the muscles, lungs, and digestive tract are affected, too. Read more.

Preventing Pregnancy: Contraception and Teens

The Section of Adolescent Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center features providers who have expertise in reproductive health care for teenagers and young adults. Providing contraception (otherwise known as birth control) is a big part of what we do. Read more here.

Columbia West Side Pediatrics Celebrates Halloween

Columbia West Side Pediatrics had a “spook-tacular” Halloween! Staff members decorated the office to kick-off the festivities, and also put on costumes for the ghoulish holiday. Read more.

Pediatric Cardiology: The Beat Goes On

From a single tubular structure present at around the fourth week of pregnancy, humans develop a complex, four-chambered heart that keeps blood moving through the cardiac chambers, lungs, and body over a lifetime. The heart’s development can be altered by a number of genetic and environmental factors during the early stages of fetal growth, causing a range of structural abnormalities that, in general, are termed congenital heart defects or disease (CHD). Read on to learn more.

Melanie Gold Appointed Medical Director of SBHC

Melanie A. Gold, DO, FAAP, has been appointed medical director of the School Based Health Centers (SBHC) for the Department of Pediatrics at CUMC and the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital. Learn more.