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CUMC Debuts Program for Those with Undiagnosed Disorders

Parents sometimes know there’s something wrong with their child, but the child’s constellation of symptoms doesn’t add up to a recognized diagnosis. The symptoms can make life difficult, but so can the lack of a diagnosis—and the treatment and support that go with it.

A Common Link in Congenital Heart & Brain Disorders

Researchers from Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC), the Pediatric Cardiac Genetics Consortium, and the Pediatric Heart Network have found a number of genetic mutations that explain why many children with congenital heart disease also have other significant health challenges, including neurodevelopmental disorders and other congenital problems. Read more.

Columbia’s Pediatric Dentists Hone Wide-ranging Skills

Most children’s visits to the dentist are uncomplicated: they have their teeth cleaned, maybe get a filling or two, a fluoride treatment, and their choice of stickers on the way out. The dentists in Columbia University College of Dental Medicine’s (CDM) pediatric dental clinic provide thousands of these typical visits each year to the area’s children at their very busy facility on Haven Avenue. But they also do much more. Read more.

In Memoriam of Anneliese Sitarz, MD

Longtime Babies Hospital doctor Anneliese Sitarz, MD, passed away on October 3, 2015. Read more.

How Can Precision Medicine Help Children with Cancer?

Dr. Andrew Kung, professor of pediatrics and director of the Division of Hematology, Oncology, and Stem Cell Transplantation, recently wrote a blog post, "How Can Precision Medicine Help Children with Cancer?" Read more.