Honors and Awards

Rachel Miller MD (Allergy and Immunology) received a 4-year RO1 from NIH/NHLBI for the project entitled: "Secondhand smoke and asthma: Mechanistic outcomes of DNA methylation in T cells.” She is a co-Principal Investigator in collaboration with Dr. Kari Nadeau at Stanford University and will be looking at epigenetic modifications in a cohort of monozygotic twins.

Mara Minguez, MD (Child and Adolescent Health) was selected as the Physician of the Year for the American College of Nursing. This award is given to one physician annually, through an extensive nomination and voting process by Nursing.

Kimberly Noble, MD, PhD (Child and Adolescent Health) was invited to be the inaugural speaker at the Developmental Brown Bag Series, Department of Psychology, Virginia Tech, in September, 2013; and was also invited to speak at the Department of Psychology, Wesleyan University in October, and at NYU's Institute of Human Development and Social Change. Dr. Noble will be the PI on a new $200,000 grant awarded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation on, "Income and Brain Development: A Randomized Controlled Trial."

Sharon Oberfield, MD (Endocrinology) was appointed to serve a three-year term on the Editorial Board of The Journal of Pediatrics.

Betsy Pfeffer, MD (Child and Adolescent Health) and her colleague in Uganda, Dr. Sabrina Bakeera-Kitaka, received the I-CATCH grant from the American Academy of Pediatrics to support their project, “Promoting Adolescent Medicine in Uganda.” Dr. Pfeffer also organized and presented at the Society of Adolescent Health in Uganda (SAHU) First Clinical and Scientific Meeting in collaboration with the Fourth Annual Adolescent Health Conference in Kampala, Uganda in December, 2013. The theme was promoting adolescent health in Africa.

Meenakshi Rao, MD, PhD (GI, Hepatology & Nutrition) received the Young Investigator Award from the North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (NASPGHAN). The award is for $75,000 annually for two years.

Michael Rosenbaum, MD (Molecular Genetics) and Laurel Mayer, MD (Psychiatry) are Co-PI's on a new five-year, $3,060,245 NIH grant entitled, "Functional imaging and eating behavior among FTO genotypes in pre-obese children" (1 R01 DK097399). Their research will examine feeding behavior and neural responses to food in children at varying degrees of risk of later obesity.

Lisa Saiman, MD, MPH (Infectious Diseases) and her Infection Prevention and Control colleagues were awarded a five-year grant from the NYS Department of Health entitled “Healthcare-associated Infection Prevention Project.”