Faculty Development

The goal of the faculty development program is to allow faculty to flourish professionally by having equal opportunity to enhance their skills and competence, achieve career advancement and professional satisfaction, and develop leadership skills consonant with the faculty’s individual goals and the departmental and institutional mission and strategic priorities. A summary report of faculty development initiatives can be found here.

Seminar Series
New faculty are expected to attend the orientation sessions. All faculty are welcome to attend, and faculty at various stages may find the information pertinent. The series is designed to give faculty strategies for developing an area of expertise, demonstrating impact through evaluative evidence, and documenting evidence on their CV.

A midwinter workshop is held annually and has covered topics including communication styles, managing stress, and mentoring.

This March, Dr. R. Kevin Grigsby from the Association of American Medical Colleges will provide a conference titled “Personnel Management for Principal Investigators” which will cover topics including recruiting and hiring staff, evaluating workplace performance, managing interpersonal conflict, and negotiation.

Small Group Events
Rising Researcher lunches with the Chair are held twice a year and enable rising researchers to meet with each other in an informal setting and speak with the Chair. A Junior Faculty Investigator meeting was developed to review specific aims for grants. Core senior faculty attend, and a junior faculty member presents his or her work for feedback at the meeting.

Individual Meetings
Dr. Rosenthal is available to meet with faculty to discuss topics including general career development, personnel/interpersonal challenges, and project implementation. To schedule a time to meet, you may email Caitlin Gamble at cg2659@columbia.edu.

Annual Faculty Review
The annual faculty review is a formative review. Faculty note clinical, research, educational, and service achievements over the past year on a web-based platform. Faculty meet with division directors to discuss progress on long- and short-term goals.

Faculty Leadership Academy
The Columbia Women’s and Children’s Health Faculty Leadership Academy is a yearly program which trains 10 participants from Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, and Pediatric Psychiatry with the following goals in mind:

  1. To develop a leadership style that draws on personal strengths and utilizes those strengths to work effectively in leadership and mentoring roles
  2. To increase skills in negotiating with others and managing conflict
  3. To increase the understanding of academic health centers’ structural complexities and associated operational challenges
  4. To understand basics about financing within an academic health center
  5. To experience use of a peer group to provide peer-mentoring to address challenges

Leadership Academy graduates have taken on new leadership positions (both here and at other institutions) and expanded the impact of their existing leadership roles. Leadership development does not end with graduation but continues through participation in additional training, peer mentoring sessions, and meetings with institutional leaders.

Recommended Resources
We’ve compiled a few resources that may be helpful or of interest. If you have any you think we should include, let us know.


   Susan L. Rosenthal, PhD, ABPP
   Vice Chair for Faculty Development, Department of Pediatrics
   Director, Division of Child and Adolescent Health, Department of Pediatrics
   Professor of Medical Psychology (in Pediatrics and Psychiatry)
   Email: slr2154@columbia.edu
   Phone: (212) 305-8079