Doctoral Programs - Dissertations

October, 2013
Young Ji Lee, MS, PhD
Predictors and Health Outcomes of Online Health Information Seeking Behaviors Among Hispanic Population

May, 2013
Njoki Ng'ang'a, MS, PhD
Manager and Provider Perspectives of the Work Environment Experienced by Associate Clinicians, Nurses and Midwives who Deliver Emergency Obstetric Care in Tanzania

October, 2013
Nicole Geller, MS, PhD
Examining Bullying, Harassment, and Horizontal Violence (BHHV) in Student Nurses

May, 2013
Annie Rohan, MSN, RNC, NNP/PNP-BC, PhD
Cumulative pain-associated stressors and cortisol levels at thirty-seven postconceptual weeks for infants in neonatal intensive care.

February, 2013
Shanelle Nelson, MSN, RN, PhD
Organizational Climate and Hospital Infection Preventionists

October, 2012
Andrew B. Phillips, RN, PhD
An Integrative Review of Literature to Inform a New Model for Healthcare Technology Transformation

October, 2011
Olivia Velez, MS, MPH, RN, PhD
Design and usability of an mHealth tool for midwives in rural Ghana

October, 2011
Pamela Blythe de Cordova, MS, RN, PhD
Off-shift nursing and quality patient outcomes.

October, 2011
Nowai Lorpu Keleekai, RN, PhD
Prevalence and predictors of HIV, sexually transmitted infections, and Staphylococcus aureus co-infection among New York State prison inmates.

October, 2011
Ann-Margaret Navarra, RN, MS, CPNP-PC, PhD
Health Literacy and Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy Among HIV-infected Youth.

May, 2011
Sharron Meredith Close, MS, PhD
An Exploratory Study of Physical Phenotype, Reproductive Hormones, Cardiometabolic Biomarkers and Psychosocial Health Parameters in Boys with Klinefelter Syndrome

May, 2011
Roberta Louise Salveson, MS, DNSc
Expansion of the New York State Newborn Screening Panel and Krabbe Disease: A Systematic Program Evaluation

October, 2010
Sunmoo Yoon, M.S., PhD
Web Mining of Tweets for Physical Activity

October, 2010
Barbara Sheehan, RN,PNP, PhD
Decision Support Features for Antimicrobial Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

October, 2010
Maureen Dailey, RN, MSN, CWOCN, DNSc
Organizational Climate and Nurse Work Outcomes

October, 2010
Lori Goshin, RN, MSN, Ph.D
Behavioral Problems and Competence in Preschoolers who Spent Their First One to Eighteen Months in a Prison Nursery Program

May, 2010
Felesia Bowen, APRN, BC, DNSc
Impact of a Standardized Asthma Education Program on Health Outcomes for Urban School Age Children with Moderate to Severe Asthma: A Pilot Study

May, 2010
Po Yin Yen, MSN, PhD
Health Information Technology Usability Evaluation: Methods, Models and Measures

May, 2010
Patricia Moreland, RN, CPNP, DNSc
Determinants of Nonadherance to Pediatric Followup Care for HIV-exposed Infants in Rwanda

May, 2010
Kelli Hall, MSN, PhD
The Influence of Adverse Psychological Conditions on Oral Contraceptive-attributed Side Effects and Discontinuation in Minority Adolescent and Young Adult Women

May, 2010
Georgia Persky, MBA, DNSc
The Relationship of Environmental Turbulence to Patient Satisfaction in Acute Care Units

October, 2009
Rebecca Schnall, BSN, MPH, PhD
Factors Affecting Acceptance of an Electronic Continuity of Care Record for Case Management of Persons Living with HIV in New York

October, 2009
Patricia Quinlan, MPA, DNSc
The Relationship between Health Literacy, Health Knowledge and Adherance to Treatment in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

October, 2009
Sarah A. Collins, BSN, PhD
Informatics Methods to Promote Interdisciplinary Communications Related to Common Goals in the Intensive Care Unit

February, 2009
Anita Nirenberg, MSN, DNSc, ANP
Factors Associated with Oncology Nurses’ use of National Comprehensive Cancer Network Clinical Practice Guidelines for Chemotherapy-Induced Neutropenia/Febrile Neutropenia

February, 2009
Mary Dougherty, DNSc, MSN
The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Nurse-Nurse Collaboration

May, 2009
Laura Hollywood, DNSc, RNC, CNM, FNP-C
What factors influence the use of CAM treatment options for infertility in women?

May, 2009
Elizabeth Cohn, DNSc, MS, ACNP
The Development & Testing of an Observational Tool to Measure the Quality of the Informed Consent Process for Clinical Research

May, 2009
Deborah Braccia, DNSc, MPA, OCN
Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Antifungal Prophylaxis in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Recipients

May, 2009
Phyllis Marion, DNSc, MS, CPNP
Professionals’ Perceptions of Challenges & Directions of Child Sexual Abuse Research

May, 2009
William LaRock, DNSc, MSN, ANP
Evaluation of a Nurse-Mentor Training Program in HIV Care and Treatment in Eastern Cape, South Africa

May, 2008
Maryelena Vargas, RN, DNSc
Mother and Clinician Perspectives on the Information needs, Information Seeking Behaviors, Communication Processes, and Resources of First Time Breastfeeding Latina Mothers

May, 2008
Roland Larkin, RN, DNSc
Challenges to Prison Based Mental Health Research: A Case Study

May, 2008
Dennis Graham, RN, DNSc
Predictors of Inpatient Mortality Following Colorectal Cancer Surgery in New York City 2000-2004

May, 2008
Kathryn MacDavitt, RN, DNSc
An Examination of the Relationships between Nurse Outcomes and Patient Outcomes

May, 2008
Shin Shang Chou, RN, DNSc
Development and Testing of the Chinese Version of the Nurse Work Index-Revised in Taiwan

February, 2008
Diane Pastor, RN, DNSc
Decision Making by Elderly, Community-Dwelling, Spousal Caregivers about Long-term Care Placements for Partners with Alzheimer's disease

May, 2007
Andrea Sonenberg, RN, DNSc
State Regulation of Practice and the Utilization of Nurse-Midwives for Medicaid Funded Prenatal Care

May, 2007
Mary Ann Witt, RN, DNSc
Bone Mass in Urban Children with Asthma Receiving Long-Term Inhaled Corticosteroids

May, 2007
Janet Haas, RN, DNSc
Impact of Wearable Alcohol Gel Dispenser on Hand Hygiene in an Urban Emergency Department

May, 2007
Michelle Appelbaum, DNSc, FNP, PNP
Appreciating Life: Being the Father of a Child with Severe Cerebral Palsy

February, 2007
Sookyung Hyun, RN, DNSc
Design and Evaluation of a Standards-Based, User-Centered Prototype Electronic Nursing Documentation System

October, 2006
Cassandra Dobson, DNSc, MS, BC, RN
Guided Imagery for Pain Management by Children with Sickle Cell Disease Ages 6 - 11

May, 2006
Paige Thompson, RN, DNSc
The Relationship of Fatigue and Meaning in Life in Breast Cancer Survivors

May, 2006
Sharon Roche, RN, DNSc
Narratives of Critical Care Nurses Caring for the Dying Elderly

May, 2006
Myrtle Denise Pollard, DNSc, CPNP, MPH, MS
Meaning of Maternal Caregiving and Health Perceptions in Ghana, West Africa: A Visual Ethnography

May, 2006
Nam-Ju Lee, RN, DNSc
Development and Evaluation of a Prototype Personal Digital Assistant-Decision Support System for the Management of Obesity

May, 2006
Tsai-Ya Lai, RN, DNSc
Design and Evaluation of HIV-TIDES-Tailored Interventions for Management of Depressive Symptoms in Persons Living with HIV/AIDS

May, 2006
Jeeyae Choi, RN, DNSc
Development and Evaluation of a Computer-Interpretable Guideline for Depression Screening and Initial Management in Primary Care

May,, 2006
Charlotte Cabello, RN, DNSc
No Turning Back - A Roller Coaster Marathon of Adult Liver Donation

February, 2006
Jacqueline Merrill, RN, MPH, DNSc
A Network Analysis of Information Use in a Public Health Organization

October, 2005
William Dan Roberts, RN, DNSc
A Study of Clinical Practice Guideline-Related Knowledge Representation Models and Comprehension-Generated Inferences of Nurse Practitioners and Physicians at Varying Levels of Expertise

May, 2005
Ruth Griffin, RN, DNSc
The Effects of Childrens Gender, Race & Level of Attractiveness on Nurses Pain Management Decisions Guidelines Using a national Survey

February, 2005
Loraine Sanders, DNSc, CNM, APRN, BC
Factors Associated with Depression Screening Across the Lifespan by Certified Nurse Midwives/Certified Midwives

October, 2004
Leanne Currie, RN, DNSc
Development and Testing of an Automated Fall and Injury Risk Assessment Instrument

October, 2004
Leslie Taub, RN, DNSc
Concordance of Selected Self-Reported Provider Recommendations With the Recommendations of the American Diabetes Association's Evidence Based Guidelines Using A National Survey

May, 2004
Patricia Dykes, RN, DNSc
Adherence to Practice Guidelines and Heart Faliure Outcomes before and after Implementation of the HEARTFELT

May, 2004
Judith Aponte, RN, DNSc
Trending of Diabetes Mellitus in the Hispanic US Population

May, 2004
Kathleen A. Fagan, RN, BC, APN, DNSc
Smoking Cessation Counseling Practices of College/University Healthcare Providers - A Theory Based Approach.

May, 2004
Rula Btoush, RN, DNSc
Utilization of Emergency Department Services by Victims of Intimate Partner Violence

May, 2004
Estelle Pisani, RN, DNSc
Analyzing Talk about Sexuality among Older Adult Visually Impaired Friends

May, 2004
Jeannie Cimiotti, RN, MS, DNSc
Nurse Staffing and Healthcare-Associated Infections in the Neonatal ICU

May, 2004
Sarina Petrolino-Roche, RN, DNSc
Factors Influencing Breat Cancer Screening Practices

December, 2003
Arlene Smaldone, RN, DNSc
Predictors of Recurrent Ketoacidosis among Children with Type 1 Diabetes Melitus: An Application of Patick's Mode of Health Promotion for People with Diabetes.

April, 2003
Jean Connor, RN, DNSc
Initial Outcomes for Infants Born With Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

April, 2003
Kris Qureshi, RN, DNSc
E.D. Utilization Patterns for a Sample with Employer Based Health Insurance

April, 2003
Hussein Tahan, RN, DNSc
Grounded Theory Construction in Acute Care Nursing Case Management

April, 2003
Nancy Pontes, RN, DNSc
"If I Cry Less I Can Fit in More Play-Dates": Mothers' Experience with Time Famine

April, 2003
Susan Martin, RN, DNSc
Chemotherapy Handling and Effects Among Nurses' Offspring

May, 2002
Wei-Ti Chen, RN, DNSc, CNM
Acculturation, Knowledge, Beliefs and Preventive Health Care Practices Regarding Breast Care in Female Chinese Immigrants in New York Metropolitan Area

May, 2002
Kathleen Leask Capitulo, RN, DNSc, FACCE
An Ethnography of Perinatal Grieving Online

May, 2002
Bernadette Capili, DNSc, APRN, NP-C
Testing Acupressure for the Relief of Nausea and Vomiting in Persons with HIV/AIDS

May, 2002
Andrea Belanus Brassard, RN, DNSc
Outcomes of Home Care Use in Urban Elders

May, 2001
Inseon Hwang, RN, DNSc
Factors Influencing Abstinence and Condom Use Behaviors among Asian American Adolescents

May, 2000
Barbara Phelan, RN, DNSc
Outcomes of Long-Term Mechanical Ventilation: The Relevance of Tracheostomy Timing

May, 1999
Jinah Shin, DNSc, NPP, MSN, RN
Help-Seeking Behaviors by Korean Immigrants for their Depression


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