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Sponsored Project Awards

Patricia Stone, PhD, FAAN, Co-Director PhD Program, Director of the Center for Health Policy, Centennial Professor in Health Policy, received funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO) for the public health grant, “Qualitative Study of the Implementation of Legal Interventions to Reduce Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI).” This study aims to examine the variation and implementation of state HAI reporting regulations. Jacqueline Merrill, RN, MPH, DNSc, and Julie Regan, PhD, JD, are the study co-investigators. (05/01/2012)

Jingjing Shang, PhD, Assistant Professor of Nursing, received funding from the Center for Health Policy for her study "Using the Outcome and Assessment Information Set Dataset to Study Healthcare Associated Infections in Home Care Settings." This pilot study will describe the epidemiology of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in home care settings, addressing an important challenge in clinical practice, where nurses play a critical role. 


Patricia Stone, PhD, FAAN, Co-Director PhD Program, Director of the Center for Health Policy, Centennial Professor in Health Policy, was asked to chair a National Institute of Health (NIH) study section in June, 2012. Dr. Stone will be one of the most senior reviewers at the meeting.  (06/01/2012)

May Uchida PhD(c) was awarded the Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) for her project entitled, “Comparative and Cost Effectiveness Analyses of HAl Reduction in Nursing Homes.”

Patricia Stone, PhD served as executive planning committee member on AcademyHealth’s 2012 Annual Research Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

Eileen Carter, BSN, PhD student, will remain the Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) for Dr. Patricia Stone’s grant, the “Prevention of Nosocomial Infections & Cost Effectiveness Refined” (P-NICER) through May 2013. (05/01/2012)

Yoon Jeong Choi, PhD student, was chosen to be the Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) for the Center for Health Policy through May 2013. (05/01/2012)

Eileen Carter, Monika Pogorzelska, PhD and Patricia Stone, PhD were among the authors of “The APIC research agenda: Results from a national survey.” The article, published in the May issue of AJIC was featured as a ‘Special Article.’ (05/01/2012)

Yamnia Cortes, MS, FNP, MPH, PhD student, was selected from a highly competitive pool of applicants to participate in the Minority Scholars Program and AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting (ARM) in Orlando, this summer. (05/01/2012)


May Uchida, MSN, GNP-BC, PhD student, was selected as the 2012 Jonas Veterans Healthcare Program Scholar. May will join 250 other remarkable Jonas Scholars nationwide. (05/01/2012)

Laurie Conway, RN, MS, CIC, PhD student, was awarded the Gina Pugliese Scholarship by the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) based on her demonstrated potential to become a leader in the field of infection prevention and to make a signficant contribution to the science of hospital epidemiology. (05/01/2012)

Pamela Blythe de Cordova, PhD, RN, Post-doctoral fellow at University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, who graduated from CUSON in October 2011 with her PhD, was awarded the Dissertation Excellence Award. This award was presented by the Faculty during the 2012 CUSON Commencement. (05/01/2012)

Eileen Carter, BSN, PhD student, was selected for the Jonas Nurse Leaders Scholar Program at CUSON for academic years 2012-2014 (05/01/2012)

Incoming PhD students, Donald Boyd, CRNA, MS, BSN, and Wanda Montalvo, RN, MSN, ANP were selected for the Jonas Nurse Leaders Scholar Program at Columbia University School of Nursing for academic years 2012-2014. (05/01/2012)

Events & Presentations

Eileen J Carter, BSN, PhD student, played a key role in the one day consensus conference, Infection Prevention in Emergency Care: Strategies to Improve Practice, held in Denver, Colorado. As a co-chair of the Patient Engagement Workgroup, Eileen helped to identify patient engagement strategies that will serve to prevent infections in the Emergency Department care setting.


Argerie Tsimicalis, RN, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow will be presenting a poster at the upcoming 11th International Nursing Informatics Congress in Montreal, Canada. The title of her presentation is, "Developing the Methodology to Test the Norwegian Creation of SiSom with English and Spanish-speaking Children from Northern Manhattan." (06/01/2012)

Lusine Poghosyan, PhD was a panelist on the Health Care Workforce Session at AcademyHealth’s Annual Research Meeting in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Poghosyan’s presentation was entitled, “Nurse Practitioner Workforce in Primary Care: Current and Future Opportunities and Challenges.”

Eileen Carter, PhD student, presented her poster, “HAIs and Supplemental Nurse Usage in ICUs” at AcademyHealth’s Annual Research Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

Patricia Stone, PhD,  Monika Pogorzelska, PhD, Laurie Conway, PhD(c), and May Uchida, PhD(c) presented a session titled “The IP’s Role in Implementation Science: Examples from the Field” at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology in San Antonio, TX.

Christine Kovner, PhD discussed her Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded project entitled, “RN Work Project” during the Center for Health Policy’s April noon seminar. (05/21/2012)

Patricia Stone, PhD was the Fritz guest lecturer at the Ohio State University College of Nursing during National Nurses Week. Dr. Stone discussed “Healthcare Associated Infections: A National Perspective of the Problems and Solutions.” (05/21/2012)

During the 25th Annual Eastern Nursing Research Society (ENRS) Scientific Session in New Haven, Connecticut, Dr. Pat Stone and PhD students, Shanelle Nelson, May Uchida and Laurie Conway led a symposium entitled, “Decreasing Healthcare Associated Infections: From Bedside to Policy.” Eileen Carter presented her poster, “Hospital Organizational Factors Related to HAIs in ICUs.”   (03/01/2012)

Recent News in the Media

AARP recently released a new Public Policy Institute paper which 1- addresses barriers to APRN practice, 2-advocates for legislation to remove barriers to APRN practice and 3-highlights the benefits which would ensue as a result of removed barriers to APRN practice.

To read the full text of the policy paper, please visit:

A-1977 & S-2553A--Creating a More Highly Qualified Nursing Workforce is on the assembly higher education committee agenda for Tuesday June 5, 2012. Support is needed for passage this year!

This bill would require future entrants into the nursing profession to understand and agree to obtain a BS degree 10 years after they have obtained RN licensure. The bill ensures the future health of New York State residents. This bill would not close any associate degree nursing program. The bill would not negatively impact on the nursing shortage, as all currently licensed RNs would be grandfathered
If you are a resident of NYS, please consider contacting your legislators and asking them to support this initiative.
If you need to know who your legislators are go to NYONE's home page,  click on CAPWIZ, and follow the prompts!
The NYONE CAPWIZ system includes the following information that can be included in an email when informing legislators.
Advances in science and increasing patient complexity have accelerated the need for nurses with better skills and knowledge to manage a challenging and increasingly diverse healthcare environment. The Institute of Medicine Report on the Future of Nursing calls for 80% of RNs to hold baccalaureate degrees by 2020. They did so not to enhance nursing’s status but to improve healthcare.
Significant research, both in the United State and in Canada has demonstrated that for each 10% increase in the number of BS prepared RNs in a hospital, there is a 5% decrease in preventable deaths! For New York, that translates into 6,000 fewer surgical deaths each year if 60% of the RNs were prepared at the BS level. Lower rates of deaths from congested heart failure, fewer hospital acquired pressure ulcers, urinary tract infections, respiratory infection and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) are all linked to higher percentages of BS prepared nurses.
Decreases in death and morbidity lead to less expenditures in health care.  For example, savings of over $17 million each year are projected for a reduction of just 10% in NYS hospital acquired pressure ulcers.  Additionally, with the reduction of the length of stay by 0.2 days, there is a potential capacity for 400,000 additional patient days—increasing revenue for facilities. BS prepared nurses stay in their positions longer and thus reduce staff-turnover. Every 1% reduction in RN turnover saves the State $12.9 million.  With rising health care costs, these benefits cannot be ignored.

A front page story in the Chicago Tribune, "Hospital Staffing Going Under The Knife"', quotes Patricia Stone, Director of Columbia Nursing's Center for Health Policy, on her study showing that reduction in nursing staff could lead to medical complications and longer hospital stays for patients. To read the full text of the article, please visit (Click to show datepi)


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