Nurse Anesthesia Team Travels to Ecuador

Two senior nurse anesthesia students from Columbia University School of Nursing; Carllyne Moran and Sooyeng Moore, and their professor Laura Ardizzone, accompanied Blanca?s House to Babahoyo, Ecuador from May 21 to May 26, 2009. This was the first time representatives from Columbia University joined the team. The group delivered anesthesia for general surgery and endoscopy procedures and also learned a great deal, delivered excellent care, and were thrilled to be a part of the experience. The students have since gone on to talk about their experiences with fellow students and faculty members at the School of Nursing and to recognize this as a life-changing experience that will influence them for years to come. Professor Ardizzone hopes to continue this tradition for a long time and recruit new students for years to come.

Posted: 06/30/2009


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