Asst. Prof. Mary Johnson, DNP Named Fulbright Specialist

Columbia University School of Nursing Assistant Professor of Clinical Nursing, Mary Johnson, DNP, ACNP has been selected to receive a project award as a Fulbright Specialist in Norway. The main purpose of this project is to strengthen and enhance collaboration between the Oslo and Akershus University College Department of Nursing and Columbia University School of Nursing (hereafter HIOA and CUSON) in the field of simulation pedagogy and acute care practice.

The project is designed to allow the Specialist and the host institution to explore possibilities for sharing cases and other resources used in simulation pedagogy. The Specialist will provide lectures for faculty and students in specialty areas of acute care nursing. A special focus will be on the changing role the acute care practitioner faces in light of an aging population and a move towards shorter hospital stays and more home care. In addition, routines regarding advising Norwegian advanced practice nurses on exchange to Columbia University School of Nursing and Columbia nursing students on exchange to the host will be discussed.

The specific purpose of this particular grant is to move beyond the level of faculty visits to begin focusing on specific areas where they have already had some success with student exchanges: acute care nursing and simulation pedagogy. Host and Specialist will look at developing common cases that they can use to compare student work and teaching methods at their respective institutions. This will enhance teaching skills on both campuses, both in terms of pedagogy and in the use of highly advanced equipment and telecommunications. This exchange will also provide the Specialist with a better understanding of the Norwegian health care system, hospitals and the role of the acute care practitioner. This is essential information when the Specialist advises HIOA students when they are on exchange to Columbia.


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