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Education and Training
PhD University of Pennsylvania
MSN Arizona State University
MPH University of Arizona

Robert Lucero, PhD, MPH, RN
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Center for Evidence-Based Practice in the Underserved
Co-Director, Training Nurse Scientists in Interdisciplinary Research (TRANSIT)

Research/Clinical Interests

Robert J. Lucero PhD, MPH, RN is an Assistant Professor of Nursing, associated faculty of the Center for Evidence-based Practice in the Underserved and the Northern Manhattan Center of Excellence in Minority Health and Health Disparities, and affiliated faculty of the Center for Health Policy at Columbia University. Dr. Lucero conducts research on the use of health information technology and the quality of care in communities largely represented by Latinos. He uses theories and methods from the fields of health services and informatics research to develop consumer-facing health information technology and to facilitate the use of electronic health information and clinical data in comparative effectiveness research. Dr. Lucero is a Fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine and a Ford Foundation Faculty Fellow of the American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education.


Dr. Lucero teaches graduate level courses that delve into the multi- and interdisciplinary nature of nursing and science by exploring historical and contemporary philosophical perspectives of nursing and basic and social science. He also co-directs a U.S. DHHS Health Resources and Services Administration initiative to train nurse scientists in interdisciplinary and translational research in the underserved.


Dr. Lucero is an expert in the design, development, and evaluation of consumer and clinician-centered health information technology, as well as the secondary use of electronic clinical data for use in comparative effectiveness research. His NIH funded work has focused on integrating self-management tools within an electronic personal health record (ePHR) platform and resulted in the development of a highly useable system aimed at preventing falls among community-dwelling older adults. A critical feature of this research was the construction of an innovative consumer-centered participatory design approach to develop consumer-facing health information technology. This work has led to collaborations with researchers across the United States. Dr. Lucero also leads (PI) the informatics core of the New York City Hispanic Dementia Caregiver Research Program focused on developing innovative web-based health information management systems (HIMS). This NIH funded 5–year (2013-2018) R01 program of research will focus on extending the use of an ePHR by designing, developing, and evaluating a web-based Family-HIMS for use by Latino caregivers. The overall goal of this research is to demonstrate preliminary efficacy of web-based HIT to manage caregiver’s and their family member’s health and health care.

As Co-I of a large scale community-based survey of predominately Latino residents funded by AHRQ, Dr. Lucero is investigating factors associated with the intent to use ePHRs among this unique population based in Northern Manhattan. Applying socioecological systems theory, this research will consider the influence of both individual (e.g. comorbid conditions, age, education level, etc.) and contextual (e.g. insurance status, family structure, etc.) factors. Additionally, Dr. Lucero will harness the use of electronic clinical data to account for the differences in health status across patients. The knowledge generated from answering this question can be used to inform the development, implementation, and adoption of ePHRs. Future studies will consider the following research questions: “Does an individual’s perceived role in health care decision-making influence their intent to use an ePHR?” “Are there significant differences across patient groups (i.e. chronic diseases) in their intent to use an ePHR?” “Does primary care information and communication exchange influence a patient’s intent to use and ePHR?”

Selected Publications
Lucero, R. J., & Bakken, S. Practice-based knowledge discovery for comparative effectiveness research: An organizing framework. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research (Nursing Informatics in the 21st Century), 45(1), 98-112.
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Luchsinger, J., Mittelman, M., Mejia, M., Silver, S., Lucero, R. J., et al. The northern manhattan caregiver intervention project: A randomised trial testing the effectiveness of a dementia caregiver intervention in Hispanics in new york city. BMJ Open, 2(5).
Lucero, R. J., Sheehan, B., Yen, P., Velez, O., Nobile-Hernandez, D. L., Tiase, V. L., & Bakken, S. Developing self-management tools with vulnerable populations for use in personal health information management systems. Paper presented at the 11th International Nursing Informatics Congress. Montreal, Canada.
Sheehan, B., Lucero, R. J., Velez, O., & Yoon, S. Innovative sociotechnical approaches for requirement analysis. Paper presented at the 11th International Nursing Informatics Congress. Montreal, Canada
Lucero, R. J., & Poghosyan, L. The future of the Hispanic registered nurse workforce: Improving the auality of care and patient outcomes. In A. M. Villarruel & S. Torres (Eds.), Hispanic Voices: Progreso, Poder, y Promesa (pp. 1-21). New York, New York: National League for Nursing.
Lucero, R. J., Jia, H., de Cordova, P. B., & Stone, P. Information technology, nurse staffing, and patient needs. Nursing Economics. 2011; 29(4):189-194.
Stone, P, Smaldone, A., & Lucero R. J. Patient Safety. In Fitzpatrick, J. J. & Kazer, M. W. (Eds). Encyclopedia of Nursing Research 3rd Edition, 2011.
Bakken, S., Lucero, R. J., Yoon, S., & Hardiker, N. Implications for Nursing Research and Generation of Evidence. In Cook, R & Cashin, A (Eds). Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing Informatics: Concepts and Applications. Medical Information Science Reference, 2011: 113-127.
Stone, P., Smaldone, A., Enlow, W., & Lucero, R. J. Health Services Research: Translating Research into Policy. In Mason, D. J., Chaffee, M. W., & Leavitt, J. K. (Eds). Policy & Politics in Nursing and Health Care 6th Edition, 2011.
Honors & Awards
AcademyHealth-Aetna Foundation Scholar
Ford Foundation Faculty Fellow of the American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education
Fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine

Professional Memberships
American Medical Informatics Association
American Nurses Association
National Association of Hispanic Nurses
New York Academy of Medicine
Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society for Nursing
American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education

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