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The Nurse Anesthesia program is a 27-month, full-time, front-loaded program that includes a clinical anesthesia residency. The first year curriculum is devoted to advanced science courses, graduate core courses and specialty courses which form the basis for advanced specialty concepts later in the program. The clinical component starts in May of the second year. During clinical experiences, increasing responsibility for anesthesia patient care under tutorial guidance is afforded. The application of theoretical knowledge to the realities of clinical practice is a dynamic process that enhances and enriches learning as well as prepares the graduate to function effectively and competently as a professional. The sequential design of the program permits the student to acquire the skills necessary to move along this continuum.

Graduates are eligible to take the certifying examination administered by the Council on Certification of Nurse Anesthetists, a requirement for practice. The program is fully accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA) through 2019. For more information on accreditation, please contact the COA at 222 S. Prospect Ave. Park Ridge, IL 60068-4001, 847-692-7050.

The Program Director for the Nurse Anesthesia specialty is Eileen Evanina, DNP, CRNA.

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Anesthesia Program Frequently Asked Questions

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Clinical Sites

Clinical sites are available in the tri-state area and beyond, and can be permanent or rotating. Clinical sites vary from large, urban academic medical centers to community hospitals.

During the clinical residency, each student is precepted by both CRNAs and anesthesiologists.


Please contact the Office of Admissions for details regarding admission and financial aid packages. The Nurse Anesthesia sequence starts in the summer semester. At this time, this program can only be completed full time.

If your application is considered competitive, we will contact you for an interview. Phone interviews will be considered.

For current Master’s prepared nurse practitioners in another specialty, we offer a post-master’s certificate. The certificate program begins only in the fall semester.

For current CRNAs interested in pursuing a Master’s degree, we offer a Master’s completion program.

Please refer to our Application Deadlines page for current information. Applications can ONLY be submitted online. To receive full consideration for admission into the School of Nursing, a completed application with all supporting documents must be received by the deadline. Admissions decisions are sent out in early February.

Admission criteria include:

  • Minimum of one year experience in an accepted intensive care setting
  • Satisfactory score on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
  • An undergraduate course in statistics
  • Current New York State nursing license or eligibility
  • Two semesters of Chemistry (at least one organic course)
  • A physical assessment course
  • Satisfactory score on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
  • Three references attesting to applicant's academic ability and potential
  • Bachelor's degree in nursing from an NLN or CCNE accredited program or a non-nursing bachelor's degree
  • Certification as Critical-Care Registered Nurse (CCRN) is highly recommended

*RN's with a non-nursing baccalaureate degree are required to complete 5 credits in community health in addition to the course requirement listed. The courses that fulfill the community health requirement are N6703, The Science of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in the Community (3 didactic credits) and N5292, Nursing Practice in the Community (2 clinical credits).


For Applicants Who Hold an Undergraduate Degree in Nursing
A sample program plan is provided below to make you aware of the academic requirements of the program. Please be advised that this program plan is a sample, and individual plans of study are reviewed and approved upon acceptance to the program. Progression in the program is contingent upon meeting academic policies. The School of Nursing reserves the right to change the course offering schedule as stated in the student bulletin.

Sample Program Plan

Course Number Course Name Credits Type
Summer I: 12 Credits
Advanced Physiology 3 Core
Evaluation and Application of Research 3 Core
Health and Social Policy: The Context for Practice and Research 3 Core
Advanced Pharmacology 3 Core
Fall I: 15 Credits
Principles and Practice of Nurse Anesthesia I ‐Lab 2 Specialty
Pathophysiology Across the Lifespan 3 Core
Principles and Practice of Nurse Anesthesia I 3 Specialty
Pharmacology for Anesthesia and Critical Care 4 Specialty
Advanced Clinical Assessment Across the Lifespan 3 Core
Spring I: 14 Credits
Principles and Practice of Nurse Anesthesia II ‐Lab 2 Specialty
Regional Anesthesia, Theories, and Techniques 2 Specialty
Principles and Practice of Nurse Anesthesia II 3 Specialty
Anesthesia and Co-Existing Disease 3 Specialty
Professional Role of the Nurse Anesthetist I 1 Specialty
Incorporating Genetics and Genomics in Advanced Practice Nursing 3 Core
Summer II: 6 Credits
Principles and Practice of Nurse Anesthesia III 3 Specialty
Nurse Anesthesia Residency I 2 Specialty
Seminar in Nurse Anesthesia Practice I 1 Specialty
Fall II: 9 Credits
Nurse Anesthesia Advanced Airway Lab 1 Specialty
Principles and Practice of Nurse Anesthesia IV 3 Specialty
Professional Role of the Nurse Anesthetist II 2 Specialty
Nurse Anesthesia Residency II 2 Specialty
Seminar in Nurse Anesthesia Practice II 1 Specialty
Spring II: 3 Credits
Anesthesia Residency III 2 Specialty
Seminar in Nurse Anesthesia Practice III 1 Specialty
Summer III: 3 Credits
Anesthesia Residency IV 2 Specialty
Seminar in Nurse Anesthesia Practice IV 1 Specialty
Total Credits 62  

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