Funding Opportunities: RESEARCH GRANTS

Call for Research Proposals 2014

For Researchers: $2,500 available: Open to all STT-Alpha Zeta members (both student and faculty)

For Student Researchers: $1,000 available: Open only to STT-Alpha Zeta members enrolled in an accredited graduate program.

Research Proposals Due: Monday June 2, 2014 with funding decisions made by Tuesday, July 1.

Please submit proposal via email to:
Arlene Smaldone, DNSc, CPNP, CDE, Associate Professor of Clinical Nursing
Columbia University, School of Nursing
STT-AZ President

Instructions Overview
Formatting: 11 point Times New Roman font, single space, Black font color, 1/2 inch margins.
NOTE: Narratives that exceed the five-page limit—or that do not conform to the formatting instructions above—will not be reviewed.

Maximum 5 single-space pages including:

1. Researcher Information
1.1. Name and Credentials of Principal Investigator (PI)
1.2. PI Title
1.3. PI Email
1.4. PI Phone (optional)
2. Project Title
3. Abstract (200 words)
4. Specific Aims/Research Question(s) (Suggested Length 1 page)
5. Significance and Innovation (Suggested Length 1/2 - 1 page)
6. Approach (Suggested Length 2 pages)
7. Risks/Challenges & Dissemination (Suggested Length 1/2 - 1 page)
8. Budget (Suggested Length 1/2 page) (see sample below)
9. Biographical Sketch(es)(Maximum 2 pages each Biosketch)


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