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CUMC IT GoToAssist Remote Support - FAQs

How does this service work?
Once you connect to the service, you are prompted to download a small, self-installing plug-in, which allows your support representative to view your desktop and share control of your mouse and keyboard. At any time during a support session, you can take control of your computer just by moving your mouse. You will be in charge at all times.

Can my support representative look through files without my knowledge?
Absolutely not. Your representative sees only what you see and whatever you permit him or her to see on your computer screen. Before your support representative views your screen, he or she will first ask your permission. It is recommended that you close all documents containing private information before running the application to start the remote session.

What are the minimum requirements for my computer and Internet connection?
Please see current System Requirements for Customers on GoToAssist's website. It is compatible with most computers made in the past few years via most web browsers with recent updates and a broadband Internet connection.

Is the plug-in virus free?
Yes, the plug-in is safe. We're as concerned as you are about this issue, so regular virus checks and updates are conducted. This helps us maintain our technology at the highest standard to ensure superior quality service. The warning message you might see on your screen is a default message displayed by your browser when you download executable files. You can feel confident using this plug-in.

Are there any files or folders left on my computer after the session ends?
The downloaded file stays on your computer, and you may delete this file since it cannot be used again. If you need a technician to remote connect to your computer again, you would need to initiate a new session with a support representative. Screen-sharing sessions have to be initiated by you, not a support representative.

Last updated 10/24/2018