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Student Computing

Wired Student Residential Network

Access to the CUMC wired network is available in most residential housing units in the Bard Hall, Georgian, Tower I, Tower II, Tower III, 106 Haven, and 154 Haven buildings. Students are able to connect a properly registered and configured computer to the high-speed campus network via an active data port. Some buildings also provide wireless network access, please click here for a list of locations and more information about campus wireless.

Network Use Restrictions
Full information about policies and requirements for the wired network can be found on the Network Use page. Students are expected to know and adhere to all requirements. This includes but is not limited to: Computers or other devices that are not in compliance with policies and requirements may be blocked from the network without advance notice.

Getting Connected
The following steps are for student owned computers using the wired network in residential housing. To connect a department owned computer elsewhere on campus please click here.
  1. If you have not already, activate your Columbia UNI account.
  2. Verify that your computer has all current important/critical Operating System updates installed.
  3. Verify that your computer has working antivirus and antispyware installed, with current virus definition updates.
    TIP: See Software Discounts information for free programs available through Columbia, including Symantec Endpoint and Microsoft Office.
  4. Submit the online registration form using the computer that you want to connect to the wired network. Registration requires that you provide some basic contact information and download and run a small, non-permanent program that will briefly scan your computer to verify that you have completed steps 2 and 3 above. For full information see How Does Bradford Network Access Control Work?
    The registration form must be submitted using the computer you will be connecting to the wired network. You may:
    • Submit the form before you arrive on campus, using your current Internet connection.
    • If you are already on campus and in Bard Hall, Georgian, or Towers I, II or III but did not yet register, your computer should be directed to the registration form as soon as you plug into the wired network and open your web browser.
    • If you are on campus using a laptop that has wireless, you should first configure your computer to connect to the secure wireless campus network. Once you have connected you can submit the registration form for wired access.
      NOTE: The form cannot be reached if you are on the unsecured wireless network called "guest-net".
    • If you are already on campus and want to register a computer that does not have a wireless card, please contact the CUMC IT Service Desk at extension 5-Help (212-305-4357), option 5.
  5. Once the form and scan are completed, you will see a message that your registration was either Successful or Failed.
    • If the registration completed successfully your computer will be able to connect to the campus wired network within approximately two hours. Computers that have registered after 5pm may not be able to connect until the following morning.
    • If the registration failed you will see information on-screen explaining the reason and any steps that must be taken to pass. See the Bradford Procedures page for full information.
More information about the student residential network can be found in the Student FAQs.

Computer Requirements
What kind of computer do I need to connect to the network?
If you have do not yet have a computer please see the recommendations and special offers available to CUMC students on our Computer and Software Discounts web site.

Other Equipment
Gaming consoles or smart TVs can be registered to connect to the wired student housing network by using this form.

If you have followed the above steps but are not able to connect on campus, please call (212) 305-4357 (extension 5-Help) from your room while you are at your computer so we can troubleshoot why your system is not connecting there. It is also possible to stop by the CUMC IT Service Desk during our hours of operation, click here for our location and hours.

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Last updated 9/16/2014