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For support: call extension 5-Help (212-305-4357) or email us
Telecommunications Office
 60 Haven (Tower 1) B4
New York, NY 10032
Tel: (212) 305-7777
Online Service Requisition
7 Digit Dialing on Campus
Calls to internal phone and fax numbers require all 7 digits. Internal 5 digit dialing is not available except for the emergency numbers listed below. Please see the Campus Dialing Plans for details.
CUMC Numbers
Cardiac arrest57979
Facilities emergency 54357
press 3
Public Safety58100
Emergency Numbers
Acute MI40537
Cardiac arrest53333
STAT Intu57575
To transfer a call, forward a call, or use the conferencing features, please remember that you must dial a 7 digit number.

For off-campus NYC calls dial:
9+1+area code+7 digit number

CUMC Telecommunications - Other Services

Basic Services and Repair
Requesting Phones and Services
Telephone Repair
Cellular Phone Service
Alpha Numeric Paging
Phones and Billing
Multi-line Phone
Single Line Phone
Fax Line/Analog Line
VoIP Phone
Price List
Billing Inquiries
Other Services
Authorization (TRAC) Code
Polycom Conference Phone
AT&T Reservationless Conference Account
Directory Information
Telephone Features and Instructions
Dialing and Hold
Automatic Dial
Speed Dial
Conference Calling
Call Forwarding
Display and Additional Features
Using Voice Mail
Set Up a New Mailbox
Modify an Existing Mailbox
How to Access your Messages
Voice Mail Shortcuts
Telecommunications Team
Telephone Installs/Remote Locations
Information about cellular phones and pagers can be found on our home page.

Authorization (TRAC) Code
To request an authorization code (necessary for making international calls), complete the Service Requisition based on the type of service required and click Submit.

Polycom Conference Phone
To reserve the Polycom Conference Phone, complete the Service Requisition based on the type of service required and click Submit.

AT&T Reservationless Conference Account
This type of account is used for teleconferencing. To establish an AT&T Reservationless Conference Account, complete the Service Requisition based on the type of service required and click Submit.

The requisition must contain the following information:

  • HOST NAME (The person utilizing the conference account)
  • HOST TELEPHONE NUMBER (Telephone number where the conference call is originating)
  • MAILING ADDRESS (External departmental mailing address)
  • COMPLETE CHART STRING (University account number is required for billing purposes)
    The request will not be processed without the appropriate Chart String.
Once the requisition has been received by this office, the information will be submitted to AT&T. Once the account has been created, AT&T will send an email confirmation with an 800 #, host security code and an access code. The access code and 800 # are the only items to be given to the participants of the conference call.

We require advance notice of 3 to 4 days for this service.

Directory Information and Dialing Plans

Telephone Directory Information
The online Columbia Directory at:
Information on print directories can also be found via the above web site.

How to Change Directory Information
Please visit for complete instructions on changing directory information.

Campus Dialing Plans

Please click here to download a PDF copy of a brochure listing all extension changes and emergency numbers.


Campus Location 7 Digit Number
Medical Center - general 342-XXXX (previously 2-XXXX)
543-XXXX (previously 4-XXXX)
305-XXXX (previously 5-XXXX)
426-XXXX (previously 6-XXXX)
317-XXXX (previously 7-XXXX)
304-XXXX (previously 8-XXXX)
Allen Hospital 932-XXXX (previously 4-XXXX)
Milstein Family Heart Center 317-XXXX (previously 7-XXXX)
Haven Avenue Towers 1, 2, and 3 304-XXXX (previously 8-XXXX)
544-XXXX (previously 8-XXXX)
Morningside and Select CUMC Locations 851-XXXX (previously 151-1-XXXX)
853-XXXX (previously 151-3-XXXX)
854-XXXX (previously 151-4-XXXX)
333 East 38th Street 585-XXXX (previously 5-XXXX)
297-XXXX (previously 7-XXXX)
425 East 61st Street 821-XXXX (previously 1-XXXX)
Columbia Doctors at 51 West 51st Street 326-XXXX (previously 3-XXXX)
Development (850 3rd Avenue) 317-XXXX (previously 7-XXXX)
Gracie Square Hospital 434-XXXX (previously 4-XXXX)
Helmsley Medical Tower 434-XXXX (previously 4-XXXX)
NYP/WC (68th Street) "House" Number 222-XXXX (previously 4-XXXX)
NYP/Weill Cornell 585-XXXX (previously 5-XXXX)
697-XXXX (previously 7-XXXX)
NYP/Weill Cornell "House" Number 222-XXXX (previously 3-XXXX)
222-XXXX (previously 4-XXXX)
NYP/WC Wireless Cisco 426-XXXX (previously 6-XXXX)
NYP/WC (Wright, WCIMA) 746-XXXX (previously 6-XXXX)
Weill Greenberg Center (1305) 926-XXXX (previously 1-XXXX)
Please see the column on the left of this web site for a list of campus numbers that can be dialed using only 5 digits when calling internally.

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