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For support: call extension 5-Help (212-305-4357) or email us
Telecommunications Office
 60 Haven (Tower 1) B4
New York, NY 10032
Tel: (212) 305-7777
Online Service Requisition
7 Digit Dialing on Campus
Calls to internal phone and fax numbers require all 7 digits. Internal 5 digit dialing is not available except for the emergency numbers listed below. Please see the Campus Dialing Plans for details.
CUMC Numbers
Cardiac arrest57979
Facilities emergency 54357
press 3
Public Safety58100
Emergency Numbers
Acute MI40537
Cardiac arrest53333
STAT Intu57575
To transfer a call, forward a call, or use the conferencing features, please remember that you must dial a 7 digit number.

For off-campus NYC calls dial:
9+1+area code+7 digit number

CUMC Telecommunications

Basic Services and Repair
Requesting Phones and Services
Telephone Repair
Cellular Phone Service
Alpha Numeric Paging
Phones and Billing
Multi-line Phone
Single Line Phone
Fax Line/Analog Line
VoIP Phone
Price List
Billing Inquiries
Other Services
Authorization (TRAC) Code
Polycom Conference Phone
AT&T Reservationless Conference Account
Directory Information
Telephone Features and Instructions
Dialing and Hold
Automatic Dial
Speed Dial
Conference Calling
Call Forwarding
Display and Additional Features
Using Voice Mail
Set Up a New Mailbox
Modify an Existing Mailbox
How to Access your Messages
Voice Mail Shortcuts
Telecommunications Team
Telephone Installs/Remote Locations

Telecommunications Services for Schools and Departments
The majority of the Medical Center locations are supported by the NORTEL SL-100 Telecommunications system using Meridian multi-lines phones. The Meridian phones have a variety of features and functions that can be ordered in different configurations to meet specific requirements. Single line phones and analog lines (for fax, modems, and veriphones) are also available on the system.

Please see below for basic Telecommunications help and services, or select a link to the above for more detailed information.

Requesting Phone and Services
To request new desk phones, moves, additions, changes and voicemail follow the instructions here. Information on requesting paging, billing and fax services can be found below or via links above.
  1. Access the CUMC Telecommunications Service Requisition
  2. Complete the Requisition based on the type of service required and click Submit.
    • No more than one (1) phone per form.
    • Download the file as instructed in the Requisition for moves greater than one (1) telephone.
    Be sure you have read and understood all related request information, and completed the requisition properly in order to avoid possible delays with your request.
  3. Certain requisitions require Department Administrator approval. In this instance, an email notification will be sent to the approver for authorization.
  4. Once a requisition is approved and then received by Telecommunications, an email notification will be sent to the requester, confirming receipt and assigned ticket number.
All requests for new phones should be completed within five (5) to ten (10) business days; larger requests may take longer. For inquiries on any requests not completed in that time frame, please access the request via ServiceNow to review updates or call 305-7777 and a representative will be able to provide status on the request.

Telephone Repair
To report an issue with your telephone, please call the repair line at 305-Help and select prompt 6. Your call will be transferred to the NYPH Help Desk. They handle telephone issues for both the university and hospital. Please note that the general turnaround time is 24-48 hours. For Russ Berrie, Irving Cancer Center and Lasker telephone repair issues please call 854-1919.

When reporting a problem, please include the following information:
  • The full 7 digit number (xxx-xxxx) of the defective telephone.
  • Type of telephone (ex. Multi-line, single line ).
  • Intercom number (applies to multi-line sets only).
  • Department name, building, floor, and room where defective phone is located.
  • A description of the problem.
  • Name and phone number of contact person.

Cellular Phone Service

For cellular phone service, there are two options available.

Alpha Numeric Paging

To request an alpha numeric pager, complete the Service Requisition based on the type of service required and click Submit.

Alpha Numeric Paging

How to Page
  1. Dial 305-5880 to reach the paging system.
  2. Enter the 5 digit pager number of the person you want to page (i.e. 8XXXX).
  3. Follow the paging system prompts.

If you wish to bypass the paging system you can dial the persons 10 digit pager number directly (i.e. 917 899-XXXX), then follow the paging system prompts.

To send a text message to an alpha numeric pager via the USA MOBILITY web site (Note: you must have the 10 digit external pager number, i.e. 917 899-xxxx) logon to and click send message

To send messages, check status, change status, or get a history of pages via Smart Web, logon to Click the pager icon and follow the instructions by using your 5 digit (8XXXX) pager number and password.

Should you need additional assistance with paging procedures, please contact NYPH Telecommunications at 305-7740.

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