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  Wireless at CUMC

Set Up an iPhone or iPad for Mercury Secure Wireless

See the main Mercury Secure Wireless page for general information and requirements.

Instructions below step you through:
I. Registering and Setting Up Mercury - this can be done either on campus in range of the wireless networks, or from off-campus when using VPN.
II. Connecting to Mercury - this only be done when in range of mercury wifi on campus.

A printable, PDF version of these instructions is also available.

I. Register and Set Up Mercury
  1. To register, the device must either be:
    • Using any off-campus network connection (including cellular) and logged in to VPN.
    • On campus and connected to guest-net wireless.
  2. Close any open programs on the device to avoid possible issues while Mercury is set up.
  3. Using Safari, visit
  4. On the Register Your Device page enter your UNI and its password, then select Log In.
    TIP: your UNI is the same login used for myColumbia or Student Information Systems.
    Login prompt
  5. On the next page, select Install Certificate.
    Install Certificate prompt
  6. Your device will prompt you to Install Profile. Tap Install in the upper right corner.
    Install Profile prompt
  7. If a Warning message for Installing the certificate "CUMC ClearPass..." appears, tap Install again.
    Install Profile warning prompt
  8. When finished, a Profile Installed message will appear. Tap Done in the upper right.
    Profile Installed message
  9. Return to Safari and select Install Profile as prompted.
    Install Device Enrollment profile
  10. Your device will prompt you to Install Profile for "Device Enrollment". Tap Install in the upper right.
    Install Profile prompt
  11. When the Profile Installed message appears, tap Done in the upper right.
    Install and configure prompt
  12. Exit Settings; Safari will show a Device provisioning complete message indicating that registration and set up have successfully finished.
II. Connect to Mercury
  1. To connect to Mercury wifi, your device must have successfully completed the Register and Set Up steps above, and must be in range of mercury on campus.
  2. Enter your device's Wi-Fi settings: select Settings from the home screen or list of apps, then Wi-Fi.
  3. Tap mercury from the list of wi-fi networks.
    connectNYP-CUMC wifi selected in iPad settings
  4. The device may take a moment to connect, and will show mercury as the Wi-Fi network it is using. Exit Settings.

Most devices will automatically connect to Mercury when in range once all of the steps are completed, if not simply select mercury from the wifi networks when in range on campus.

NOTE: iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) may automatically connect to other networks in range and do not have an easy way to set the preferred network from the device itself. You can:
  • Remove saved wifi networks you no longer wish to use - see full iPhone/iPad steps on the Reset Apple WiFi page, or briefly: enter Settings - WiFi - tap the network or profile name - select Remove or Forget This Network. Note that the device will store the WiFi network again if you connect to it in the future.
  • Adjust the Preferred Network list on a Mac that uses the same iCloud account to sync with the iPhone or iPad; unfortunately devices or Macs connecting to their CUMC email or other data that may contain ePHI must NOT use iCloud as we do not have the required BAA with Apple.
    See the Tip near the bottom of the Set Up a Mac for Mercury page.
Apple's KB article on How iOS decides which wireless network to auto-join has additional technical details.

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Last updated 12/04/2018