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  Wireless at CUMC

Wireless FAQs

How can I connect to the wireless network at CUMC?

Please see full information on the main Wireless at CUMC page to connect to secure wireless (requires a UNI account) or guest-net unsecured wireless for visitors.

Where can I connect to the wireless network?

See the list of wireless locations.

What kinds of computers or devices can use wireless at CUMC?

Compatible operating systems and device types are listed in the left navigation column under the Mercury heading, see individual instruction pages for set up. Note that newly released or beta versions of operating systems may not be compatible or supported.

Why am I getting a message when I try to set up Mercury that the "onboard configuration contains errors preventing you from enrolling"?

If the computer is managed by a department you may need to contact your Certified IT Group to set up Mercury for you. For personally owned computers and devices, you may need to login with an administrative account to set up Mercury. There may also be firewall or other security software on the computer that blocks the set up; if so please try temporarily disabling or turning it off while setting up Mercury, then turning it back on again.

Why isn't my computer automatically connecting to Mercury when in range, even though set up completed successfully?

Setting mercury higher in your list of saved networks should resolve any issues. For Macintosh computers see the tip at the bottom of the Mercury set up page.
You may also need to remove or "forget" other saved networks or profiles, select a link below for instructions.

IMPORTANT: Removing a network or its profile may require that you follow set up instructions to connect to it again in the future, however this may be the only way to resolve problems connecting to the wireless network.

I just changed my UNI password and can no longer connect to secure wireless.

Some systems may "cache" or save old password information even when you're typing in an updated password at a wireless login prompt. It is best to completely remove the wireless profile from your equipment's settings and reinstall it, please see the FAQ above for links on how to remove or reset wifi on your computer or device.

Why did I get a notice that my Mercury registration is expiring?

The notice is a reminder to re-register an endpoint (computer or mobile device) for Mercury wireless, which is required annually. Mercury automatically sends an email two weeks before a registered endpoint is set to expire; you can simply log in to the Register Your Device page (VPN is required if you are not on campus) using the computer or device that must re-register.

If you are no longer using the endpoint at CUMC, you can disregard the email. It is OK to re-register before you receive the expiration reminder. If you miss your annual deadline, you will just need to re-register before using Mercury again. Annual registration helps us maintain accurate records on systems that are using campus wifi.

Can I or my department set up our own Wireless Access Point on campus?

Wireless access points and routers are not allowed on the network unless explicitly approved by Core Resources. These devices can cause network connectivity problems for other systems in the area if not configured properly, and can also mask what devices are using the network. Due in part to HIPAA regulations we must have contact information on all systems that connect to the network. Any unapproved access points or routers will be blocked from the network and a Security Incident Report will be issued. Students that have set up an unallowed device on the network risk losing their network connection as well as other disciplinary actions.

Please Note: Some departments have implemented wireless in certain locations for specialized applications. These wireless access points are named something other than Mercury or guest-net, and are not open for non-departmental use. If you believe your department has set up their own access points (these must be installed in conjunction with Core Resources), then please contact your department's business office for more information.

If your department would like a survey and estimate for wireless connectivity, please contact the CUMC IT Service Desk to put in a request.

Is the wireless network encrypted?

Mercury is the only supported wireless network that is encrypted. Guest-net is not encrypted and should not be used regularly by faculty, staff or students. Many work and academic related websites and programs cannot be reached when connected to guest-net, see the Wireless at CUMC page for more information.

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Last updated 12/18/2018