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Configure your Windows Computer to Print to Pharos

Pharos Black and White (CUMC_B&W) and Color (CUMC_Color) printer queues will be set up on your computer when you have run the installation file(s) using the steps below.
  • You must have administrative rights on your computer user/login account.
  • If your computer is running an older version of Pharos or one that has become corrupted, please follow the uninstall instructions below before installing the current version.
Installing Pharos
  1. Make sure your computer is directly connected to the campus network via Mercury secure wireless, VPN if off campus, or on-campus wired.
  2. Go to the Pharos Uniprint website and select a link to download the installation file:
    • To install both types of printers (black and white and color) at once, select CUMC Pharos
    • To install either type of printer separately, select CUMC Pharos Print B&W for black and white or CUMC Pharos Print Color for color printers.
  3. When prompted, Save the .exe file to a desired location on your computer. The file itself can be deleted once you have completed its installation.
  4. Browse to the downloaded file and double-click on it to open. If you see a warning window regarding allowing the program to make changes to your computer, select Yes.
  5. Click on the Install button in the lower right corner of the window that appears. The Pharos package will install. NOTE: If you receive Symantec error windows during the installation, click on the Close button in the lower right to close the error and continue Pharos installation.
  6. Once installation has completed, select the Finish button in the lower right corner of the install window.

    Pharos Windows Installation

  7. Pharos is now set up on your computer. The Pharos printer queues are:
    • CUMC_B&W - for any black and white Pharos printer, including multi function
    • CUMC_Color - for the color printers in the Hammer building.

If you see a Failed to connect to host... window when sending a print job, make sure you are directly connected to the campus network via Mercury secure wireless, or campus wired.
NOTE: Printing to Pharos from off-campus using VPN is not supported.

If you are using a third-party firewall program, try temporarily disabling it and printing again. If that works, you'll need to configure your Firewall to permit outbound connections on port 28203. If you are using the built-in Windows Firewall, you do not need to make this change.

Uninstalling Pharos
If your computer has been using an older version of Pharos or you are experiencing issues, please follow these instructions to fully remove it before installing or re-installing.
  1. Find the Pharos Unistaller program:
    • Windows 10 and 8: Search your Apps list for Pharos and click Uninstall Pharos
    • Windows 7: Select Start in the lower left, then All Programs - Pharos and select Uninstall Pharos
  2. Click Next at Pharos Uninstallation window that appears.
  3. In the Select Components window check the Pharos Updater, Pharos Popups option and click Next

    Pharos Select Components Window

  4. Click Next in the Pharos Directory window.
  5. In the Start Uninstallation window click the Start button.
  6. The uninstaller will show its progress and change to a Finished message when completed. Click the Finish button to exit.
  7. Pharos will no longer appear in your Apps or Programs list, or in the computer's available Devices and Printers.

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Last updated 11/01/2018