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Configure your Macintosh Computer to Print to Pharos

Macintosh computers can be configured to send print jobs to the Pharos printing system at CUMC. The downloads will install both Pharos and the printer drivers for the current Pharos printers on campus.

  • To install Pharos you must be logged in to your Mac with a User account that has Admin rights.
  • If your computer is running an older version of Pharos or one that has become corrupted, please follow the uninstall instructions further below before installing the current version.
Installing Pharos
  1. Download the CUMC Pharos.dmg (installation) file for Macintosh.
    NOTE: if you are using campus wireless, be sure you are connected to Mercury secure wifi. The file cannot be downloaded when using guest-net.
  2. If prompted, Save the file(s) to the desired location on your computer. It can be deleted once installation is completed.
  3. Double-click the CUMC Pharos.dmg file; a Finder window showing the Popup mount will appear.
  4. Double-click Popup.pkg.

    Popup Package on Macintosh

  5. The Install Pharos Popup Client window will open. Select Continue to begin, then Continue again to pass the Read Me information.
  6. Make sure your Macintosh HD is selected as the installation destination, then click Install.

    Select Popup Installation Destination

  7. When prompted type in the admin password for your computer, then select Install Software.
  8. An installation was successful message will appear when done, select Close to finish. The Popup mount can be ejected from your computer.
  9. Verify that your Mac has the printers installed and updated: Open System Preferences (click the Apple icon in the upper left) and select Printers & Scanners.
  10. Both CUMC B&W and CUMC Color should appear in the left Printers list. Select one, then click Open Print Queue to the right. If prompted follow instructions to run the software install/update, then select the other CUMC printer to repeat.

    Select Popup Installation Destination

  11. Close the Printers & Scanners window.

The Pharos printer queues CUMC B&W and CUMC Color will now be available when printing from your Mac.
NOTE: Your computer may have set a Pharos printer as your default after installation. To change this, open System Preferences and select Printers & Scanners, then change the Default Printer option near the bottom of the window.

Uninstalling Pharos
If your computer has been using an older version of Pharos or you are experiencing issues, please follow these instructions to fully remove it before re-installing.
  1. Select Go - Computer from your Finder menu's top toolbar.

    Macintosh Finder Go menu with Computer option

  2. Select Macintosh HD, then browse to the Library - Application Support - Pharos - Utilities folder (if you can't find Pharos - Utilities, make sure you are not in the <username> - Library - Application Support folder).
  3. Double-click the Uninstaller program.
  4. In the Component Selection window, check off Pharos Popup and click Continue.

    Pharos Uninstaller Component Selection Window

  5. Click Continue at the Component Summary window, and enter the Mac's administrator username and password when prompted.
  6. Pharos will uninstall and show a success message when finished; click Done.
  7. Open System Preferences (click the Apple icon in the upper left corner, then System Preferences from the drop down menu that appears).
  8. Select Printers & Scanners. In some versions of OS X this may appear as Print & Scan or Print & Fax.
  9. Look for CUMC B&W or CUMC Color in the list of Printers to the left.
    • If neither are listed, close the Printers & Scanners window and continue with Installing Pharos instructions above to connect to the upgraded Pharos system.
    • If either are listed, click on the printer once to select it, then click the minus sign to delete it. When prompted click Delete Printer, and repeat for the other printer if needed.

    Removing the Pharos black and white printer
When finished, there should be no CUMC/Pharos printers listed in your Printers and Scanners window.

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Last updated 11/01/2018