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CUMC IT Exchange and Outlook

CUMC IT began offering Exchange accounts in 2008 in response to demand for a familiar software program that supported more seamless communication and collaboration across departments. Exchange and Outlook are the two elements that make up Microsoft's widely used email and calendaring program.

  • Outlook is the software that is installed on a computer to use email, calendaring, contacts, tasks and more.
  • Exchange is a type of server that allows accounts existing on it to easily share and manage calendars, resources, and contacts in a secure environment. It also provides strong support and compatibility with mobile devices including BlackBerries, iPhones, tablets etc.
Exchange provides the following features in addition to general email use:
  • Delegate access and sharing for all or specific mail folders on your account as well as your calendar(s)
  • The ability to recall messages sent to other Exchange users who have not yet opened them
  • The ability to recover permanently deleted messages
  • A fully up to date list of Columbia and NYPH contacts
  • A robust web-based version allowing you to check email, your calendar and more from any computer connected to the Internet
  • The ability to send attachments of up to 10MB in size

Requesting an Exchange Account
Please click here to submit the online Exchange Account Request form; ARC billing information and DA approval are required. After your DA has approved the request, we will contact you to schedule a survey if desired.

  • Once a survey is scheduled, a technician will contact you to collect necessary information about your computer and advise you of any other changes or options available, including moving calendar, email and contact data you may have stored in another email client.
  • An appointment will be made for the migration to Exchange. This will take approximately an hour depending on what is needed for your computer and account. The technician will have you log on at the end of the migration and verify that everything has been configured as needed.
If your department or group has its own desk side IT staff, they may transition you instead. Links on how to set up Exchange in Outlook, on smartphones, or how to export and import data from another email program can be found in the left column of this page.

Account Size and Cost
In order to support the costs of maintaining the Exchange server and provide adequate space for everyone using it, there is a fee of $134 per year for an account with the 1GB of space on the Exchange server.

Please note that Microsoft does not recommend mailboxes larger than 2GB for performance reasons. Messages can be moved or archived onto your computer's hard drive for permanent storage to avoid going over your Exchange quota. If you need to request more space on an existing account please contact us at extension 5-Help (212-305-4357), option 5.

Exchange and Columbia Email Addresses
Anyone receiving an Exchange account should set up email forwarding from general Columbia email account to their Exchange email address. This allows you to receive all of your work and/or academic-related emails in Exchange, rather than having to check two email accounts for messages.

You will still have your general Columbia email address ( and can give that as your contact information if you prefer. When anyone sends a message to your general Columbia account, it will appear in your Exchange inbox and you can reply from there. Messages sent to your Exchange email address ( will of course appear in your Exchange inbox as well.

Since most email programs only display a contact's name rather than the full email address, it will not matter to the recipient if you are sending from Exchange vs your general Columbia account. They will receive your message and not notice your specific sending address.

CUIT (Morningside) Exchange and CUMC
If you have been using CUIT Exchange but need access to CUMC Exchange calendars, we ask that you request CUMC IT Exchange account instead.

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Last updated 7/03/2014