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Before Installing and Using Symantec Endpoint Encryption

Symantec Endpoint Encryption Logo Anyone installing or using Symantec Endpoint Encryption (SEE) provided by CUMC IT must read and understand the information on this page as well as any pages linked from it. The purpose of any encryption program is to make data unreadable if proper credentials are not provided. If you do not understand how a specific encryption program works, do not verify that it is compatible with your computer or how you intend to use it, or do not carefully follow preparation and installation instructions, you run a very high risk of losing important data.

IMPORTANT: pre-boot authentication is not automatically enabled when installing SEE, it must be selected on the form if needed. After SEE has been downloaded and installed it can take up to one business day to be enabled, after which the computer will prompt to Register Pre-Boot Authentication. If this does not happen within one business day after installing SEE please contact us at extension 5-Help.
  1. Read Related Polices and Information
    1. Encryption Requirements at CUMC - every Medical Center computer user/owner is ultimately responsible for making sure they are properly complying with encryption requirements.
    2. Symantec Endpoint Encryption - review all linked pages that explain compatibility, installation and configuration as well as any other instructions for options you intend to use so you are fully aware of how Symantec Endpoint Encryption operates.
  2. Prepare your computer and data
    Failure to follow any of the steps below prior to installation can result in data corruption or other issues on a computer.
    1. An administrative login and password is required when installing SEE. If your computer is managed or you do not know its administrative password, please contact 5-Help to request remote assistance or see the Use of Administrative Rights web page.
    2. The login account you use on the computer must have a strong password.
    3. The computer uses a password protected screen saver that turns on after a period of five minutes of inactivity.
    4. The hibernation feature on the computer must be disabled before installation and remain off while SEE (or GE) is installed and in use. Hibernation settings can be found by selecting the Start button in the lower left of the computer screen, then Control Panel - System and Security - Power Options. If you are not able to access these settings please call 5-Help for assistance.
      If your computer shuts down, hibernates or restarts during this time, it can cause data corruption or other issues.
    5. Check the computer's hard disk for errors (Run CHKDSK). Fixing errors on the drive that may not be causing issues otherwise can prevent serious problems when SEE encrypts the hard drive.
    6. The computer is virus and malware free. Run a full scan of your computer using antivirus software (Symantec Endpoint Protection is Columbia's site licensed antivirus program).
    7. You have backed up all of your data to a safe, protected, and encrypted location - CUMC IT managed network drives (usually the P: or O: drive) are strongly recommended for security and convenience. For general assistance see Backing Up Your Computer.
    8. Your computer is not in the process of installing any updates for Windows or for other applications.
  3. Have all of the information you will need to submit the SEE Download Form. Besides basic contact information you will need to know the following for each computer that will have SEE installed:
    1. The computer's serial number. This is usually on a manufacturer's sticker on the bottom of the computer.
    2. The computer's Hardware Address - click here to view instructions on how to find this.
    3. The computer's Hostname - click here to view instructions.
    4. The computer's Operating System and edition - click here to view instructions.
Please note that if you are installing SEE on more than one computer and require that pre-boot authentication is enabled, the above information must be given for each computer. The download form currently cannot be submitted for multiple computers, please email or call extension 5-Help with the additional information.

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Last updated 10/28/2014