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BitLocker Key Recovery

CUMC IT offers BitLocker encryption for computers on the MC domain. This connects the computer to the Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) server, which stores recovery keys for security and ease of retrieval.

If a BitLocker-enabled computer detects a hardware or operating system change that could mean an unauthorized attempt to pass encryption, it will start up with a BitLocker Recovery screen. The computer's unique BitLocker recovery key must be entered before the encrypted drive can be accessed.

Windows 7 BitLocker recovery screen

CUMC faculty or staff using a computer that has been configured to connect to the MBAM server can call 5-Help (212-305-4357), option 5, for the recovery key.
For other computers contact the group or person who enabled encryption. A recovery key may have been saved, printed or provided to you when encryption was started.

  1. The technician will ask questions to verify your identity.
  2. When ready, read the Recovery key ID displayed on screen. Only the first set of characters may be necessary.

  3. Windows 7 Recovery Key ID on screen  Windows 8 BitLocker Recovery Key ID on screen
    Recovery Key ID on Windows 7 and Windows 8 - click either to enlarge

  4. The technician will provide you with the computer's recovery key to type in.
    NOTE: if part of the key is not entered correctly, BitLocker will not allow you to continue typing past the incorrect set of characters. Verify the digits in the set where your cursor is stopped.
  5. BitLocker Recovery Key screen
  6. Hit Enter on your keyboard; the computer will start up as normal and prompt for your MC login (click here for help with MC account issues).

Once the recovery key has been entered and you have logged in to the computer, all of your programs and files will appear as usual.

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Last updated 7/19/2019