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Smartphone and Tablet Encryption and Security

Mobile devices including smartphones and tablets are required to be encrypted with an automatic passcode lock if they contain data classified as confidential or sensitive (including PHI and PII).
IMPORTANT: If you have your device configured to connect to your institutional email, keep in mind that confidential or sensitive data contained in messages and attachments you receive would mean that the device must be encrypted and passcode protected.

If you have a phone or tablet that is already configured to connect to your CUMC IT Exchange Email account, passcode and encryption compliance will have been automatically enforced on the device.

Please be sure you are aware of all Encryption and Mobile Device requirements; for instructions on setting passcodes and encryption for most models of smartphones and tablets select the appropriate link for your device below. Our Mobile Device Security page offers additional help with protecting and recovering lost or stolen equipment.

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Instructions

Android Device Instructions

BlackBerry Instructions

Last updated 9/16/2016