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Update Your Username in Outlook on Windows

Instructions below are for those who have not yet been migrated to Office 365 and had set up their CUMC email account in Outlook on Windows prior to May 1st, 2017.
Before migration you can update the username field in Outlook from the previous previous "MC\uni" format to the full email address - - instead. This will help prevent issues using Outlook after your account has been moved.

IMPORTANT: If your Windows computer is joined to a domain other than MC, it may not be possible to change the username to your full CUMC email address in advance. This does NOT include computers that aren't joined to any domain, as with most personally owned computers. For help please contact your Certified IT Group or follow steps to look up your computer's domain.

Please also make sure you are using Outlook version 2016 or 2013, and that all current Office Updates have been installed. Outlook 2010 and older versions are not guaranteed to work with Office 365.

  1. Open Outlook, and when prompted for your CUMC email password, select the option to Use Another Account instead of the default that lists MC\uni as the login.
    If you are not prompted for your password use steps below to reveal the login prompt.
  2. Outlook Windows Security Login Prompt
  3. Type in your full CUMC email address: (use your own, unique UNI instead of yourUNI) and its password, then click OK.
  4. Outlook Windows Security Login Prompt
  5. Outlook will open as usual. In the future when logging in to Outlook, it should list your full CUMC email address as the login rather than "MC\uni".
Reveal the Login Prompt in Outlook
Use these steps to force the login prompt to show if it does not appear automatically when Outlook opens.
  1. With Outlook open, select File in the upper left, then Account Settings.
  2. In the Account Settings window, make sure your email account is highlighted and click Change in the menu bar immediately above your account.
  3. In the Change Account window, click More Settings... in the lower right.
  4. Select the Security tab in the window that appears, then check the option to Always prompt for logon credentials.
  5. Click Apply in the lower right, then OK to close the window.
  6. Click Next in the lower right of the Change Account window, then Finish.
  7. Close the Account Settings window, then close Outlook and re-open it.

After updating your username to your full CUMC email address, you can follow these steps again to de-check the Always prompt for logon credentials option if preferred.

If Outlook does not connect after you have been notified that your CUMC email account was migrated to Office 365, please follow instructions to completely remove your CUMC email profile from Outlook and set it up again using current instructions.

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Last updated 11/13/2017