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Troubleshooting Outlook on Windows

Please try instructions below if you experience issues using Outlook with your CUMC email after Removing Your Email Profile and Setting Up CUMC Email in Outlook on Windows.
TIP: Use Web Outlook as a workaround while any issues are being resolved.

I. Repeated Login Prompts
  1. Log in to Web Outlook to verify you are using the correct password for your CUMC email.
  2. If the wrong password was entered multiple times in a row, see instructions to unlock your account.
  3. If you have access to a shared mailbox or calendar, or are a delegate/have access to help manage someone else's messages or calendar, you will see a prompt for each resource as the connection is recreated. If they seem excessive, continue with the next set of instructions.

II. Run Outlook/Office Updates
Outlook is part of Microsoft's Office suite of programs (also including Word, Excel, etc.), with updates and patches that should be downloaded and "applied" regularly to fix security issues and bugs that are discovered after the software is first released.

See Microsoft's Install Office updates page for instructions on checking for and running any updates that may be needed for Office/Outlook on your computer. You may need to check and run updates a few times to ensure that all have been applied, then open or restart Outlook to see if your issues have been resolved.

III. Set Outlook to Cache and Repair
Try the following to fix remaining issues with Outlook.
  1. Click the File tab in the upper left corner of Outlook.
  2. File tab in Outlook
  3. Select the Account Settings button, then Account Settings... again from the drop down list that appears.
  4. Account Settings button and drop down menu
  5. In the Account Settings window that opens:
    • Make sure the E-mail tab is selected
    • Make sure your email address under the Name heading in the center of the window is highlighted (if not click on it once to select)
    Then click on the Change option above your email address.
  6. Email address and Change option in Account Settings window
  7. In the Change Account window that appears check the box to Use Cached Exchange Mode and click Next in the lower right.
    If it was already checked, click the Cancel button to close the window and skip to step 6.
  8. Chached Exchange Mode in Change Account window

  9. Click OK if you see a warning that The operation will not complete until you quit and restart Outlook, then Finish to close the Change Account window.
  10. In the Account Settings window that is still open, click the Repair option above your highlighed email address.
    If Repair is muted/not selectable, this simply means that Outlook has detected that running a repair will not fix the issue. Skip to step 9 below.
  11. Repair option in Account Settings

  12. In the Repair Account window that appears, leave E-mail Account selected and click Next.
  13. Outlook will attempt to automatically configure your CUMC email account and show a Congratulations message if successful. Click Finish to close, or if it was not successful, click Cancel. If the repair didn't work you can try again by repeating from step 6 above.
  14. Click the Close button in the lower right of the Account Settings window, then close Outlook and restart it.

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Last updated 11/15/2017