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Using the Outlook Web App

The Outlook Web App lets you access your CUMC email via any Internet-connected computer or mobile device and a web browser.

Browser Compatibility
While most browsers are fully compatible with the Outlook Web App, older browsers may only display a "light version" that cannot work with Tasks, some advanced navigation, and other features. Internet Explorer is recommended for use with the Web App.
  1. Open your web browser and go to
  2. Type your Exchange account ID (the first part of your email address, usually your UNI) in the User Name field and your account password in the Password field, then click the Sign In button.
    NOTE: If you need help with your password please see our FAQs.

    Outlook Web App Login Screen

  3. Your Inbox will open, with a list of your folders to the left and the most recent message received displayed in the far right preview pane. You can also access other Outlook functions like Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Public Folders via links in the bottom left of the window. For advanced help with using the Outlook Web App, click the Question Mark icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
    NOTE: The Web App can only show items that are stored on the Exchange server. Folders, mail and other items that you have saved on your computer (ex: Archived Folders) will not be available.

    OWA Inbox

  4. To close the Outlook Web App, select the sign out link in the upper right corner of the screen.

    Outlook Web App Logout Link

  5. Outlook Web App will prompt you to close the browser window for security purposes. Click OK to close your browser.
Changing Your Password

You should always change the password for your email account by using the myPassword web site.

  • If you haven't already set up security questions on myPassword, see the instructions here.
  • Be sure to put any smartphones or tablets that connect to your CUMC email account in Airplane mode before changing your password or they may lock your account. See the Synchronize Passwords page for help.
  • To change your password now, go to You will have to login with your Columbia UNI account first.
  • For additional help on using myPassword click here.
IMPORTANT! Changing your CUMC Exchange email password also changes your MC account (computer login) password if you have one. It will not change your Columbia UNI password. See this FAQ for details.

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Last updated 10/06/2016