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Shared Mailboxes

Shared Mailboxes are great for groups of people on the CUMC email system that would like to read and reply to messages using a departmental or group email address, or have a Calendar for collective scheduling. To compare other solutions see the Email for Groups page.

  • Anyone accessing the Shared Mailbox must already have a CUMC Email account. If not please submit the Request an Account form.
  • The Shared Mailbox can only be used within Outlook or Web Outlook. It is not supported on mobile device apps.
Shared Mailboxes must also follow all relevant CUMC Email Use Requirements.

Requesting a Shared Mailbox
To have one created submit the Request a New Shared Mailbox form (UNI login required). You will need to include:
  1. A Name for the shared mailbox - this will be the part that precedes for the mailbox's email address. The name must:
    • Include the department or division's name, which can be in an abbreviated form
    • Be under 20 characters total
    • Not include spaces or special characters other than underscores _
    To avoid confusion the name cannot be too generic, and should be somewhat descriptive of its purpose or use (ex:
  2. Full Access UNIs* (formerly called Owners) - will be able to see and use all of the shared mailbox's folders, calendar etc. including reading and replying to messages.
    IMPORTANT: Those with Full Access cannot reply/send from the mailbox's address unless they also have "Send As" access (a reply will be from the individual's CUMC email account).
  3. Send As UNIs* (formerly called Members) - can send a message using the shared mailbox's email address. They will not be able to view the inbox, calendar etc.
  4. Departmental authorization and ARC (billing) information.
* UNIs are required on the form to ensure that the correct individual(s) are listed; it is up to the form submitter to verify that they are accurate.

Updating Mailbox Access and Delegates
CUMC IT is able to add, change or remove access to an existing shared mailbox for Full Access and Send As capability only. For these types of changes please submit the Add or Change Mailbox Access form.

Delegates can be added, changed and removed by those in your department or group with Full Access on the shared mailbox. This allows for more granular levels of access. For help see tutorials at: IMPORTANT: Once these granular types of access are used, it is the responsibility of the department or group to make any needed changes going forward. CUMC IT is only able to assist with Full or Send As access. Delegating and permissions on mailbox items can become complex very quickly, please make sure anyone responsible for these duties in your department is well versed with Outlook, email folders, calendars and related topics.

Using a Shared Mailbox
Basic instructions for opening the shared mailbox (Full Access) and using Send As are in the left column, simply select the link for the computer/version of Outlook you are using. More tutorials are available on Microsoft's Outlook Help Center.

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Last updated 8/14/2018