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Shared Mailboxes on Macintosh

See the main Shared Mailbox page for details on how to request access or use the mailbox with Web Outlook.

Instructions on this page are for CUMC email users with Outlook on Macintosh.
  • Full Access on the Shared Mailbox lets the user Open the Shared Mailbox in Outlook to view its messages, folders, calendar, etc. While they can create, edit and delete items in the account, they cannot send messages from its address unless they also have "Send As" access.
  • Send As allows individuals to send from the shared mailbox's email address. They cannot open the mailbox or view its messages, calendar etc. unless they have also been added as a delegate or been granted full access.
Opening a Shared Mailbox in Outlook on Macintosh
Once you have been given Full Access to a Shared Mailbox in the CUMC email system, you can configure Outlook on your Macintosh to show the mailbox's folders. After setting this up, It will appear below your own CUMC email account folders.
Shared Mailbox heading in Outlook folder list
  1. In Outlook's upper left menu bar select Tools, then Accounts from the drop down menu that appears.
  2. Accounts link under Tools menu
  3. The Accounts window will open. Select the Advanced button in its lower right corner.
  4. Select the Delegates tab at the top of the window that appears, then the + (plus) sign underneath the lower People I am a delegate for section.
  5. Delegate tab in Outlook advanced settings
  6. In the Choose a person window that appears, type in the name of the shared mailbox and click Add in the lower right corner.
    • If you do not know the mailbox's name, please contact the person in your department who requested or manages the mailbox.
    • If more than one mailbox begins with the name, click on the correct name in the list.
    • IMPORTANT: Though you can add any name or address from the list, it will not open in Outlook or be usable otherwise unless you have been granted access to the mailbox.
  7. Microsoft Exchange window with Advanced tab and Add button
  8. The shared mailbox name and address will appear under the People I am a delegate for: list.
    Shared Mailbox listed in Outlook Delegate window
    Click OK in the lower right, then close the Accounts window (click the red button in its upper left corner).
  9. If you see a message that Outlook was redirected to the server..., check the box next to the Always use my response for this server option, then click the Allow button in the lower right.
  10. You will return to the main Outlook window. The mailbox may not appear right away, if so close/exit Outlook, then re-open it. You will see the mailbox as a separate heading in the folder list.
  11. Shared Mailbox folders in Outlook
Send As From Outlook on Mac
The ability to send a message from a shared mailbox account is tied to your CUMC email account. Once you have been given Send As access, you can change the From field of a message to the shared mailbox's address in Outlook (below) or Web Outlook. IMPORTANT:
  • You will not be able to open or otherwise use the mailbox unless you also have delegate or full access to it.
  • A copy of the sent message will be stored in both your own Sent folder and the Shared Mailbox's Sent folder.
  1. If this is the first time you are using Send As on your Mac, follow steps 1 through 7 of Opening a Shared Mailbox in Outlook above.
    IMPORTANT: if you only have Send As access to the shared mailbox, its folders will NOT appear in Outlook as shown in step 7 above. You must still make sure the mailbox has been added to the People I am a delegate for: field (step 5 above) in order to use its address when sending a message from Outlook on your Mac.
  2. Begin a new message (select New Email in the upper left of Outlook's menu bar). The From: field will show near the top of the message, above the To: field.
  3. From in the Options menu bar of a new message
  4. Compose the rest of the message as usual and click Send when ready.
  5. Other e-mail address in the From drop down menu

Outlook typically defaults to using your own CUMC email account as the sender, however you can double-check the From address and change it in the message composition window whenever needed.

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Last updated 1/09/2019