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Shared Mailbox Migration - Manually Add and Remove in Windows

CUMC email accounts that use a Shared Mailbox are being scheduled to migrate to Office 365 at the same time whenever possible. This allows those using the Shared Mailbox to continue to automatically see and use it as a set of additional folders in Outlook.

In cases where a Shared Mailbox won't be migrated until later, CUMC email accounts that have already been migrated and have Full Access to it can:

IMPORTANT: There is not a workaround for those with "Send As" access to a Shared Mailbox, or for those that have delegate access to another account (to view or help manage emails or calendars). The ability to Send As or use delegate access is only possible when both accounts are in the same migration state: not yet migrated or already migrated.

Add a Shared Mailbox in Outlook on Windows
You must already have Owner (Full) access to the Shared Mailbox, and know its name. If not please contact the person in your department who requested or manages the mailbox.
  1. With Outlook open, right-click on the heading of your account (typically your full email address or name) in the leftmost folder list.
  2. Mailbox account menu opened by right-clicking
  3. Select Data File Properties... from the menu that appears.
  4. An Outlook Today window will open. Make sure the General tab at the top is selected, then click the Advanced button in the lower right.
  5. Outlook Today window with General tab and Advanced button
  6. In the Microsoft Exchange window that appears, select the Advanced tab at the top, then the Add button to the right of the Open these additional mailboxes: field.
  7. Microsoft Exchange window with Advanced tab and Add button
  8. An Add Mailbox window will open. Type in the name of the shared mailbox and click OK.
  9. Add Mailbox window
    If the mailbox name is similar to others, you may see a Check Name window; simply click the correct mailbox name and then OK to continue.
  10. When Outlook connects to the Shared Mailbox, its name will appear in the Open these additional mailboxes: list. Click Apply in the lower right, then OK to close the window.
  11. Add Mailbox window
  12. Click OK at the bottom of the Outlook Today window to close it. The shared mailbox will be listed as a separate set of folders in the left, below your main CUMC email account.
  13. Shared Mailbox heading in Outlook folder list
When the Shared Mailbox has been migrated, it may appear automatically in Outlook. If you notice two instances of the Shared Mailbox after it is migrated, you can follow the steps below to remove the manually added instance.
Remove a Shared Mailbox in Outlook on Windows
  1. To remove, repeat steps 1 to 3 above to open the Microsoft Exchange window, then select the Advanced tab near its top.
  2. Add Mailbox window
  3. Click on the name of the Shared Mailbox in the Open these additional mailboxes: list, then click the Remove button the the right.
  4. If prompted, confirm that you'd like to remove the mailbox.
  5. Click OK at the bottom of the Microsoft Exchange window to close it.
  6. Click OK at the bottom of the Outlook Today window to close it. The manually added version of the Shared Mailbox will no longer appear in Outlook.
NOTE: If the Shared Mailbox was just migrated, it may take a moment to appear automatically. It may also help to close and re-open Outlook, or follow instructions to Update the Global Address Book.

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Last updated 11/13/2017